The event, a musical feast for jazz lovers, aims to introduce modern European music to local audiences while promoting Vietnamese culture and heritage, stated Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism Ta Quang Dong at a press conference in Hanoi on April 15.

Nha Trang city in Khanh Hoa province will host the international jazz festival from April 27 to May 1, with main events taking place at April 2nd Square, Tran Phu Street, and Thanh Nien (Youth) football field.

The opening and closing ceremonies, themed “The Spotlight of Jazz” and “Jazz Flows,” will be held on April 27 and May 1, respectively. These performances will be live-streamed, with each lasting approximately 90 to 100 minutes.

Additional complimentary music programs, featuring themes such as “Living the Legend,” “The Latin Night,” and “The Collection,” will be held from April 28 to 30, with each lasting two to 2.5 hours.

The event will feature renowned artists and jazz bands from the United States, Singapore, and the Republic of Korea.

Vietnamese singers My Linh and Thu Minh, jazz band Anh Em (Brothers), and saxophonist Tran Manh Tuan will also grace the festival with their performances.