Roasted grasshoppers – delicacy from the rice harvest

Roasted grasshoppers were very popular for families living in countryside as they are healthy and tasty.


It’s easy to make fried grasshoppers. Boiled water is poured over the grasshoppers in order to remove their wings. The long antennas, hard legs, and organs are removed.

After that, the grasshoppers (with or without their heads) are mixed with salt, rinsed and then left to dry before being cooked. Grasshoppers are roasted in a pan until they turn deep brown. Sliced lemon leaves will be added.

The resulting dish is tasty and crunchy, containing high nutritional value.

Grasshoppers can be found in the fields all year round. However, they are especially abundant during rice harvest season, from May to September. They are also usually a lot fatter.