Tourism stimulating activities launched in Quang Ninh’s border district

    The festival features a series of cultural activities taking place from November 7 to the end of December this year, with many activities bearing the cultural identity of ethnic communities in Binh Lieu and some localities in the north-eastern region.

    The event also aims to enhance the brand of Binh Lieu tourism products, help boost local tourism development and attract travel businesses and investors to Binh Lieu, thus promoting the cultural beauty of ethnic groups in the district and mobilising the participation of local sectors, people and tourism service establishments to implement effective business solutions.

    Within the framework of the festival, there are many attractive events such as activities allowing visitors to visit and experience rice harvesting on local terraced fields, perform rituals to welcome the new harvest season, re-enactments of the San Chi ethnic group’s wedding ceremony, folk games and paragliding on the ripen rice fields in Binh Lieu, as well as a local flower festival.

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