The set of two scented books with size 20.5cm x 20.5cm, the first of its kind made in Vietnam, has been introduced to consumers in the country.

The first olfactory stimulation books for children are now on sale at VND260,000 (US$11.3) per set. Photo: Dinh Ti Books

The scented book, authored by Dinh Ti Books, set for children from two to six years old, consisting of two volumes themed flowers and fruits fragrances.

Each page of the book is attached with a stamp illustrating the fragrance of flower or fruit referred to in the text. In order to use the book, readers just gently rub on the stamps to release the fragrance.

The scents that are introduced in the books are those of flowers and fruits like lavender, orchid, strawberry, banana, watermelon, among others which are pleasant and relaxing.

A representative of Dinh Ti Books told Hanoitimes that the scents used in the book are all tested and certified to ensure health safety. Besides, the corners of the book are rounded, which are safe for children.

English vocabularies are also printed alongside with pictures of fruits and flowers, helping children to either remember the words and feel the scent. Parents and children can scan attached QR code with their mobile devices to hear the correct pronunciation of English words in the book.

The scented books, which are created by Vietnamese painters and authors, with high hope to increasing book reading interest among children as well as their parents.