Online exhibition commemorates late composer Trinh Cong Son

A painting exhibition about late composer Trinh Cong Son has been released online to commemorate the 19th anniversary of the artist’s death.



The exhibition, titled Loi Thien Thu Goi (Sounds of Time), features 32 paintings by artist Le Sa Long.

The works, mostly in oil, watercolour and pastel, portray composer Trinh Cong Son in daily life and with his friends.

Works featuring famous singers, such as Vietnamese-American Khanh Ly who helped keep Son’s music alive, are also featured.

One of the event’s featured paintings portrays Yoshii Michiko, a Japanese fan of Son, who fell in love with the artist.   

Painter Sa Long worked with singer Trịnh Vĩnh Trinh, the composer’s younger sister, to organise the show. 

The exhibition will close on April 30./.