ASEAN strengthens measures to control COVID-19

Amid the complicated developments of COVID-19 with the number of new cases and fatalities surging, ASEAN countries have been taking measures to mitigate the outbreak.


Public transport in Indonesia serves about 2,5 million commuters a day. To tackle the COVID-19 outbreak, disinfection units have been set up at all subway stations and bus stops. Passengers are also having their temperatures checked while the trains are sterilized daily.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo has encouraged people to limit most indoor and outdoor non-essential gatherings to prevent the virus from spreading.

Meanwhile in Malaysia, under the latest decision by Prime Minister Muhyddin Yassin, all mass gatherings, including religious, sports, cultural and social activities are prohibited. All schools, training and business facilities will also be closed, except for supermarkets, traditional markets and convenience stores. Malaysians are restricted from traveling abroad while repatriated citizens will have to be quarantined for two weeks.

Like Malaysia, Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has called on the community to remain calm and unite in the battle to fight the deadly epidemic.

In Vietnam, the government has said that besides preventing the virus from entering the country, the country should be taking serious precautions and carrying out preventive measures to cope with risks from the community, even with patients who show no symptoms.

All citizens, including foreigners, who enter Vietnam now will be strictly quarantined. People returning from affected areas within the last 14 days should also be retested.

With the strong determination of ASEAN leaders and people to fight COVID19 together with the Joint Statement on ASEAN’s economic resilience to cope with the pandemic, the grouping is determined to stand strong and overcome the crisis./.