Northern countryside brought to life in miniature

A young Hanoi man has jogged the memories of those who love the northern countryside with his scale models depicting the region’s ancient houses, communal houses, and pagodas.



Truong Van Bo, aged 23 and from Thuong Tin district in Hanoi, is renowned for his exquisite replicas of countryside settings in Vietnam’s north. They include a typical house with five sections, a kitchen, and a husbandry area, an ancient communal house, a pagoda and a temple.

Bo said that most of his miniatures illustrate the architecture of Vietnam’s ancient houses, pagodas, and temples.

The replica of the Mong Phu communal house is among the works that Bo loves the most. It took him three months to complete, from laying the foundation to erecting pillars and tiling the roof.

Bo’s miniatures have been made in the hope of preserving valuable images of Vietnam’s unique architecture.

Bo has set up a club for Vietnamese architecture aficionados to exchange experience and promote traditional values among young Vietnamese./.