GAVI lauds Vietnam’s ways to control COVID-19

GAVI, an international organisation that works to improve access to new and underused vaccines for children in the world's poorest countries, has published an article on its website, highlighting the four ways Vietnam has managed to control the COVID-19 pandemic.


It said on May 25 that while the healthcare systems of some wealthier countries have come close to collapsing under the strain of COVID-19, Vietnam was quick to respond and remains in control.

With a population of over 97 million, Vietnam has experience in responding to outbreaks of other infectious diseases including SARS, MERS, measles and dengue.

The article said in the case of the novel coronavirus, Vietnam relied on four relatively cost-effective solutions to combat the virus, including strategic testing, contact tracing through apps and effective public communication campaigns. As well as these, it implemented the social distancing policy from April 1-22./.