Craft villages in Dien Bien province to be revived

The northern mountainous province of Dien Bien still lacks traditional craft villages that are recognised under the provisions of Decree No 52 from the Government on the development of rural sectors and traditional craft villages. Villages short of capital and with disorganised production and outdated technologies are failing to meet market demand.



The Na Sang 2 Brocade Weaving Cooperative in Nua Ngam commune has for many months operated only moderately, with most of its brocade products simply sold to agents serving tourists. With COVID-19 freezing up the tourism industry, however, inventories have been piling up since the end of last year.

Dien Bien province now has 31 trades and trade villages and traditional craft villages in brocade weaving, among others. Difficulties facing cooperatives include a lack of investment and access to bank loans.

The Dien Bien Department of Rural Development recently reviewed local craft villages and made proposals to assist those in need of preservation over the long term.

Dien Bien province is home to 19 ethnic minority groups, with each having a unique cultural trait and potential for developing traditional trades. Craft villages, however, face a host of difficulties.

The solutions adopted to promote the development of traditional craft villages in Dien Bien are expected to boost their operations./.