Bac Giang province striving to improve business climate

The northern province of Bac Giang has viewed to improve its business climate as a priority in recent times, with the local government deploying numerous measures to that end.



This company works as a business consultant on environmental issues, which calls for it to work closely with local authorities in support of its clients. This task used to be quite a headache, but now it couldn’t be easier.

COVID-19 has impacted greatly on many firms, and those in Bac Giang have received timely support from the local government.

Improving the business environment is among the priorities Bac Giang adopted for 2020. In order for this to happen, the local People’s Committee has established a task force specialising in receiving and processing queries and complaints from local enterprises.

The provincial People’s Committee has also developed a scheme on improving the competitiveness of local authorities in the 2020-2025 period, which is known as the DDCI scheme for short. This expresses the province’s determination to improve the local business climate.

With the DDCI scheme, Bac Giang aims to create a favourable climate for companies with operations in the province./.