Vietnam, Cambodia Navies to Collaborate for Sustainable Exploitation of Maritime Assets

The Vietnam and Cambodia Navies will coordinate to urge fishermen to strictly comply with seafood fishing regulations.


The 33rd experience-sharing conference on joint patrol activities between Vietnam’s Naval Region 5 and Cambodia’s Ream Naval Base convened in the port city of Sihanoukville in Cambodia’s southwestern province of Preah Sihanouk on May 2, VNA reported.

The conference was co-chaired by Rear Admiral Nguyen Huu Thoan, Political Commissar of the Naval Region 5 Command, and Vice Admiral Mey Dina, Commander of the Ream Naval Base, and focused on the achievements made during the 73rd and 74th joint patrols in the historical waters between Vietnam and Cambodia.

Ream Naval Base, Royal Cambodian Navy welcomes the delegation of Naval Region 5 of the Vietnam People’s Navy at Sihanoukville port.

Both sides acknowledged the effectiveness of their coordinated patrols in preserving security and order within the patrolled regions. They highlighted successful joint training exercises encompassing maneuvering formations, search and rescue operations, and communication via flag signals, semaphore, and light signals conforming to international signal law.

Throughout the patrol process, the naval vessels of the two nations routinely exchanged information regarding the maritime situation and associated matters.

Rear Admiral Nguyen Huu Thoan and Vice Admiral Mey Dina signed a memorandum of understanding on future coordination.

Moreover, they conducted close monitoring and control of activities within the historical waters, thereby contributing to the preservation of security and order and facilitating economic progress in the coastal communities of the two nations.

In anticipation of the future, the two parties vowed to augment awareness among fishermen of both countries regarding compliance with maritime laws and regulations when exploiting marine resources, steering clear of foreign waters.

They will proactively collaborate with relevant maritime management authorities in both nations to deter and combat transnational crimes, notably terrorism, smuggling, unlawful transport of goods, weapons, explosives, narcotics, human beings, tax evasion, and illegal entry and exit.

They concurred on maintaining transparent communication channels to ensure timely and harmonious coordination in managing maritime incidents, guided by the principles of cooperation and respect for international law, independence, and sovereignty. This contributes to sustaining a peaceful and stable environment while fostering solidarity, camaraderie, understanding, and reciprocal trust between the two navies.

The Vietnamese delegation expressed gratitude at the Vietnam-Cambodia Friendship Monument.

During their sojourn in Cambodia, the Vietnamese delegation honored the fallen Vietnamese volunteer soldiers who sacrificed their lives supporting the Cambodian people in their struggle against the Pol Pot regime by paying floral tribute and offering incense at the Vietnam-Cambodia Friendship Monument.

The delegation also paid a courtesy visit to the Consulate General of Vietnam in Preah Sihanouk province during this time.

Hannah Nguyen