Employees finding new jobs in midst of COVID-19

Having shed staff over the last three months as Vietnam’s economy slowed from the effects of COVID-19, many enterprises are now planning to recruit new staff for the year-end production peak. This signals a substantial improvement in the local labour market.



Three hundred vacancies of various types are on offer with salaries ranging from 5-13 million VND – nearly the same as before the pandemic.

Recruited recently, Luân is excited because employment is so important at the moment.

After three years of unemployment and days of applying for jobs at many companies, Lâm and his wife were recently recruited by a garment company near their home.

Many businesses have already seen improvements to production. From cutting staff to offering overtime, there is new hope of many job opportunities becoming available.

Experts have said that COVID-19 has had a significant impact on certain industries but not all. Vietnam’s labour market is expected to improve during the third quarter, with an estimated 55.4 million workers employed – equal to the figure in the first quarter. The slowing down of job cuts and the availability of new jobs, though not that many, is a positive sign for the market.

To sustain employment levels, businesses have been advised to create job reporting systems to help them maintain business and retain employees./.