In the 2022 VBA, Gibbs played a crucial role in helping Saigon Heat win their third consecutive championship.

This is his second season in Vietnam, but instead of staying with Saigon Heat to defend the title, the talented defender and Finals MVP of 2022 has joined the Nha Trang Dolphins.

The departure of their star player to a rival team initially disappointed Saigon Heat fans.

However, upon seeing Gibbs in his new jersey, many supporters still expressed their admiration for the experienced player.

Madarious Gibbs (R) and a Saigon Heat fan at the 2023 VBA. Photo: VBA

“No matter which team Madarious Gibbs is on, I will cheer for him,” said Saigon Heat fan Nguyen Thanh Thuy.

On the other hand, facing his former team presented its own challenges for Gibbs.

In addition to the support from the stands, he received special attention from his former teammates.

Madarious Gibbs performs a free throw in the match against the Saigon Heat. Photo: VBA

As the 2023 VBA group stage comes to an end, Saigon Heat holds the second position, while the Nha Trang Dolphins secured third place, ensuring both teams advance to the next round.

If they maintain their current positions, these two teams, with intertwined fates, may face each other in the semifinals.

If this scenario unfolds, the intense competition between Saigon Heat and Madarious Gibbs promises to be an thrilling highlight of the 2023 VBA knockout stage.

Madarious Gibbs (L) confronts his former teammate. Photo: VBA

Saigon Heat’s Kentrell Barkley spoke highly of Gibbs, recognizing him as a formidable opponent due to his speed and versatility, making him difficult to defend against.

Barkley added that their team has been working hard to counter Gibbs’ attacks and movements.