Vietnamese and Australian Travel Companies Sign Cooperation Agreements on Sep. 13

Leading travel firms from Vietnam and Australia recently signed cooperation deals, advancing the two countries' existing ties. Meanwhile, both Vietnam and Japan are working together toward green growth and increased sustainability. The trade partnership between Vietnam and the United States is also expected to see an upgrade, while the introduction of an e-visa policy offers more convenience for foreign travelers to Vietnam.


Vietnam News Today (September 13): Notable Headlines

Vietnamese and Australian travel companies have signed cooperation agreements.

Title: Vietnam and Japan Foster Collaboration Towards Sustainable Development

Vietnam and Japan are joining forces to promote green growth and sustainable development in various sectors. The two nations recognize the importance of implementing environmentally friendly practices to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change and protect the planet for future generations.

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Vietnam and Japan have prioritized cooperation in several crucial areas, including renewable energy, waste management, water resource management, and sustainable agriculture. By leveraging their respective strengths and expertise, the two countries aim to exchange knowledge, technologies, and best practices to accelerate the transition towards a greener and more sustainable future.

In the field of renewable energy, Vietnam and Japan are collaborating to develop clean and efficient energy sources. This partnership involves the establishment of joint projects and the sharing of expertise to promote the use of renewable energy technologies, such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric power. By reducing reliance on fossil fuels, Vietnam and Japan strive to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and promote a cleaner and more sustainable energy sector.

Waste management is another crucial area where Vietnam and Japan are working together to address environmental challenges. Recognizing the rising issue of waste generation, the two nations are exchanging information and implementing sustainable waste management practices. Japan’s experience in advanced waste separation and recycling techniques is instrumental in assisting Vietnam to improve its waste management infrastructure and achieve a circular economy.

Water resource management is essential for sustainable development, particularly in Vietnam where water scarcity and pollution are significant concerns. Japan’s expertise in water conservation and purification technologies is invaluable in helping Vietnam enhance its water management capabilities, protect water sources, and ensure clean and secure water supplies for all citizens.

Sustainable agriculture is also a priority area for cooperation between Vietnam and Japan. By sharing knowledge on efficient farming practices, eco-friendly pesticides, and organic farming methods, the two countries aim to promote sustainable agricultural production while safeguarding the environment and ensuring food security.

The partnership between Vietnam and Japan in pursuing green growth and sustainable development is crucial for addressing environmental challenges and promoting a more sustainable future. By working together across various sectors, both nations can leverage their strengths and contribute to a greener, cleaner, and more resilient world. Through knowledge exchange and technology transfer, Vietnam and Japan can pave the way for sustainable development practices that can be emulated on a global scale.

High Expectations for Trade on Vietnam – US Partnership Upgrade

The e-visa policy offers convenient travel opportunities for foreigners visiting Vietnam

Vietnam secured a resounding victory with a 2-0 scoreline against Palestine in a FIFA Days match.

JETRO Collaboration for Green Growth in Vietnam

The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) is enhancing its collaboration efforts to support and promote green growth in Vietnam. Through partnerships with local organizations and businesses, JETRO aims to drive sustainable development and environmental conservation in the country.

As part of these initiatives, JETRO is coordinating with Vietnamese companies to implement sustainable practices and technologies. This includes the adoption of renewable energy solutions, waste management strategies, and eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

JETRO also facilitates knowledge sharing and networking opportunities through various conferences, workshops, and seminars. By bringing together experts, industry leaders, and government officials, JETRO aims to foster dialogue and exchange best practices for green growth in Vietnam.

Through these collaborative efforts, JETRO strives to contribute to Vietnam’s environmental goals and create a greener and more sustainable future for the country.

Mekong Delta provinces demonstrate significant progress in addressing the issue of illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing.

Last week, the Vice State President paid a visit to the beautiful country of Mozambique. During his visit, he met with government officials and discussed various bilateral issues. The Vice State President also had the opportunity to visit some of the local communities and witness the progress being made in areas such as education and healthcare. Overall, the visit was seen as a positive step in strengthening the relationship between our two countries.

Vietnam is a strong advocate of Japan’s Zero Emissions Community initiative.

Vietnamese and Australian travel firms ink cooperation deals at a business matching held in Nha Trang City on September 11. (Photo:
Vietnamese and Australian travel firms ink cooperation deals at a business matching held in Nha Trang City on September 11. (Photo:

Vietnamese and Australian Companies Partner for Travel Agreements

Bamboo Airways, a budget airline, has entered into cooperation agreements with local tourism businesses and Australian travel firms. This collaboration was formalized on September 11 at a business matching event held in Nha Trang City.

Australian travel companies are set to showcase their distinctive travel offerings to entice Australian tourists to visit Vietnam, while also promoting travel to Australia amongst Vietnamese tourists.

A delegation of 15 Australian travel companies recently visited the southcentral province of Khanh Hoa from September 9 to 12. Their purpose was to familiarize themselves with popular tourist destinations and experience the wide range of tourism products and services available in Nha Trang City. This news was reported by VOV.

The delegation from the Australian famtrip, comprising of travel firms from Sydney and Melbourne, conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the tourism services offered by renowned resorts such as Alma and Ana Mandara Cam Ranh located along the picturesque Bai Dai beach. Additionally, they explored the thrilling adventure tours available at Kong Forest, recognized as the country’s largest forest adventure tourist park.

Bamboo Airways currently operates a total of five round-trip flights per week connecting Vietnam and Australia. These flights cover popular routes such as Melbourne – Hanoi, Melbourne – Ho Chi Minh City, and Sydney – Ho Chi Minh City. Our passengers can enjoy a comfortable and modern travel experience aboard our wide-body aircraft, the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

During the business matching event held on September 11, Mr. Dinh Van Thieu, Vice Chairman of the Khanh Hoa Provincial People’s Committee, announced that Bamboo Airways will soon commence direct flights from Australia to Nha Trang City. This development is expected to facilitate the arrival of additional international famtrip delegations to the region.

Japan and Vietnam Working Together for Sustainable Development

Vietnam News, the English language daily newspaper under the Vietnam News Agency, and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) are hosting a seminar titled “Vietnam-Japan Cooperation Toward Green Growth” in Hanoi on September 12. The event marks the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Japan.

The seminar will be graced by delegations from esteemed Vietnamese ministries and sectors including the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT). Notable attendees will also include representatives from the Vietnamese Embassy in Japan, the Japanese Embassy in Vietnam, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), and the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO). Additionally, distinguished leaders from various Vietnamese provinces and cities, as well as experts and businesses from both countries, will partake in this significant event.

The event offers participants an opportunity to exchange perspectives on green growth, discussing the opportunities and challenges in realizing Vietnam’s Green Growth Strategy for the period 2021-2030 and the vision for 2050. Additionally, it aims to highlight the significance of Japan’s support for green growth in Vietnam, while providing a platform for sharing experiences and exchanging ideas. The seminar ultimately seeks to offer solutions and recommendations for the successful implementation of the green growth strategy.

During a seminar, Pham Quang Hieu, Ambassador of Vietnam in Japan, emphasized the significant milestone in the Vietnam-Japan bilateral relationship, positioning it as the highest point in their shared history. This achievement warrants an even stronger strategic partnership founded on principles of genuineness, trust, and mutual assistance, as reported by VNA.

Vietnam considers green growth an effective solution for sustainable development. Illustrative image. (Photo:
Vietnam considers green growth an effective solution for sustainable development. Illustrative image. (Photo:

According to the speaker, there is great potential for enhanced collaboration between both countries in the areas of green technology, energy transition, and bilateral research. The speaker also mentioned the importance of applying Japanese technology that aligns with Vietnam’s needs and transition roadmap in order to achieve the goals set for the period 2030-2050.

During the seminar, Director-General Vu Viet Trang of the Vietnam News Agency expressed her confidence that Japanese organizations and businesses will develop a comprehensive understanding of Vietnam’s green growth policy priorities and strategies, both at the national and local levels. This understanding will create new prospects for collaboration in areas where both parties possess potential and expertise.

In August 2023, Japan has a significant presence in Vietnam with 5,168 active projects and a total registered investment capital surpassing US$71 billion. This places Japan in a commendable third position among 143 countries and territories investing in Vietnam.

The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) in Vietnam emphasizes the importance of prioritizing green growth to address urgent challenges faced by Vietnam, such as water quality, air pollution, waste management, recycling, energy efficiency, and carbon emissions. JETRO recommends that the Vietnamese Government enforce more stringent environmental regulations, enhance manufacturers’ environmental obligations, and expedite the adoption of renewable energy sources.

Regarding your request, we kindly inform you that the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) reiterates its strong commitment to collaborating closely with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in order to bolster Vietnam’s capacity for reducing carbon emissions. This collaboration primarily involves focusing on initiatives related to water resource management. Moreover, JICA is actively engaged in partnering with agriculture companies to enhance living conditions and implement cutting-edge technologies, aimed at mitigating the detrimental effects of climate change and natural disasters.

Expectations High for Progress in Vietnam-US Trade Relations

The elevation of the bilateral relationship between Vietnam and the United States to a comprehensive strategic partnership is anticipated to present unprecedented opportunities for the advancement of new areas of cooperation, as noted by experts familiar with the matter.

According to recent statistics from the Vietnamese Trade Office in the US, Vietnam continues to hold its position as the United States’ eighth largest trading partner. Despite various factors impacting overall demand in the US market, Vietnam maintains a strong presence as it remains the largest export market for Vietnam. In fact, the trade surplus between the two countries amounts to approximately US$40 billion.

Exploring Trade Possibilities between India and Latin America

Industry insiders have noted that the Vietnamese and US economies have a complementary relationship rather than being competitive. This advantageous dynamic allows US consumers to access a wide range of Vietnamese products in their market. These products are known for their enhanced designs, superior quality, and competitive prices, thereby positively impacting the trade balance between the two nations.

Tran Nhu Tung, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Textile and Apparel Association (VITAS), highlights the optimism of garment and textile enterprises regarding the upgrading of bilateral ties. They anticipate increased trade exchanges and numerous opportunities for major Vietnamese export products to penetrate the US market.

According to Tung, local companies have seen an increase in export orders to the US in the fourth quarter compared to the previous quarter. This boost in business is attributed to the hope that the US will establish a more competitive tax rate mechanism for Vietnamese textile and garment products.

Dang Phuc Nguyen, the General Secretary of the Vietnam Fruit and Vegetable Association, highlights the challenges faced by local exporters in the US market. The distance between Vietnam and the US poses difficulties in maintaining the freshness of Vietnamese fruits and vegetables, despite the US being a significant export market for these products.

Furthermore, Vietnamese fruits and vegetables such as dragon fruit, mango, and rambutan face tough competition from South American countries due to their lower logistics costs.

Nguyen advises local businesses to prioritize products that have a preservation period of over 40 days and require appropriate storage processes when exporting to this market.

According to Nguyen Dinh Tung, the General Director of Vina T&T Group, a major fruit and vegetable exporter, there is an optimistic outlook for Vietnam’s export sales to the US this year. It is anticipated that there will be a 40% increase in sales compared to the previous year. This positive projection is attributed to the recent reopening of the US market for fresh coconut products and grapefruit from Vietnam. This development presents significant opportunities for growth and expansion in the export industry. This information was reported by VOV.

The upgrade of bilateral ties is anticipated to create opportunities for Vietnamese garment and textile exports to make further inroads into the US market.
The upgrade of bilateral ties is anticipated to create opportunities for Vietnamese garment and textile exports to make further inroads into the US market.

In order to increase fruit and vegetable exports to the US market, it is recommended that relevant agencies engage in negotiations with US authorities to gain approval for additional fruits, such as passion fruit and soursop, to enter the market in the near future. Additionally, efforts should be made to enhance trade promotion activities and establish a stronger presence in the supply chain. This suggestion is put forth by Tung.

Le Hang, the Communications Director of the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP), is optimistic about the prospects of trade cooperation between Vietnam and the United States. She believes that there will be significant advancements, particularly in Vietnamese seafood exports to the US, following President Joe Biden’s recent visit to Vietnam.

According to Hang, the United States has consistently been the top consumer of Vietnamese seafood for several years. In the previous year, Vietnamese aquatic exports to the US reached an all-time high of $2.15 billion, marking an impressive 80% increase from ten years ago. Shrimp, pangasius, and tuna were the primary products driving this remarkable growth.

Hang elaborates that there is still significant potential for the local seafood industry to expand its market share in the United States. This growth opportunity extends beyond traditional seafood products and includes processed offerings as well.

Adapting Quickly to Market Changes is Crucial for Businesses

Do Xuan Lap, Chairman of the Vietnam Timber and Forest Products Association, provides an analysis stating that the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership will effectively address trade barriers and enhance trade growth between both nations.

Furthermore, Lap emphasizes that becoming a component of the United States supply chain will greatly contribute to the remarkable growth of the domestic wood industry in the future.

Minister of Industry and Trade Nguyen Hong Dien has emphasized the significance of President Biden’s momentous visit and the elevation of bilateral ties to a comprehensive strategic partnership. This development is expected to facilitate crucial advancements and enhance Vietnam’s prominence in the global value chains.

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To effectively navigate market dynamics, it is crucial for domestic enterprises to swiftly adapt and strategically define product strategies, partnerships, and distribution channels. Additionally, gaining comprehensive insights into export barriers and trade defense cases will be paramount in driving exports to the market. Therefore, businesses are strongly recommended to proactively address these factors in order to enhance their exporting endeavors.

It is highly recommended for local businesses to prioritize sourcing input materials with transparent origins, ensuring that they do not have any negative environmental impact or involve the use of forced labor.

Facilitating Foreign Travel via Vietnam’s E-Visa Policy

The current list of international border gates that permit entry and exit for foreigners with electronic visas consists of 13 air, 16 land, and 13 sea border gates.

The implementation of the new e-visa application on August 15 at multiple land border gates in Vietnam has greatly streamlined the process of foreign arrivals.

According to border gate authorities in the northern province of Lang Son, there has been an increase in the number of foreign citizens, particularly Chinese nationals, using e-visas to enter Vietnam through the Huu Nghi International Border Gate.

Huu Nghi is one of the 16 designated land border gates in Vietnam that have been authorized to facilitate entry and exit for foreigners carrying e-visas, as per the Government’s resolution on the implementation of e-visa issuance for citizens of various countries and territories. This policy allows individuals from any country or territory to obtain an electronic visa for travel purposes. Effective since August 15, 2023.

  • There are 13 air border gates that allow foreigners to enter and exit with e-visas.
  • There are 16 land border gates that allow foreigners to enter and exit with e-visas.
  • There are 13 sea border gates that allow foreigners to enter and exit with e-visas.

From August 15 onwards, the border guards at Huu Nghi International Border Gate have successfully processed e-visas for more than 440 foreign citizens, primarily of Chinese nationality.

VNS reported that additional personnel and equipment have been allocated to expedite and streamline the processing of procedures.

Visitors enter Việt Nam using e-visas at Hữu Nghị International Border Gate. Photo: VNS
Visitors enter Vietnam using e-visas at Huu Nghi International Border Gate. Photo: VNS

Captain Trinh Van Bac, the deputy head of the Border Guard Station at the Huu Nghi International Border Gate, assures that his unit is diligently adhering to the guidelines regarding the utilization of e-visas by officers and soldiers.

Our team has undergone specialized training to effectively handle e-visa applications.

According to the Border Guard Station, approximately 310,000 migration applications have been processed by the unit since the start of 2023. This includes nearly 164,000 applications for exiting Vietnam and over 146,000 applications for entering Vietnam. The majority of these applications, approximately 248,000, are from Chinese citizens.

Between August 15 and September 5, a total of 2,161 visitors from various countries went through entry and exit procedures at the Lao Bảo International Border Gate in central Quang Tri Province. Among them, 846 individuals were facilitated through the e-visa policy.

Major Nguyen Hong Trung, the head of Lao Bao International Border Gate Control Station, has announced that all individuals entering Vietnam have the option to conveniently apply for visas using electronic devices.

According to the statement, there has been a 30% reduction in procedures at the border gate compared to the previous standard process.

The e-visa procedures at La Lay International Border Gate in Quang Tri Province have been enhanced for ease and convenience.

According to Colonel Phan Thanh Hoang, the officer in charge of operations at the La Lay International Border Gate Border Guard Station, electronic visas have been successfully implemented for citizens from various countries such as Russia, Belgium, and Slovakia. However, our primary focus at the border gate remains on facilitating customs clearance for shipping transport and assisting individuals engaged in business activities between Laos and other countries.

Currently, there has been a limited number of tourists, resulting in a relatively low number of e-visa applications. As stated by the source, majority of travelers still rely on traditional methods for applying for entry and exit.

Foreign Arrival Hike

According to Do Van Hao, the deputy chief of police at Tan Son Nhat International Airport in HCM City, the e-visa policy is anticipated to significantly boost tourism in Vietnam during the autumn-winter season of 2023, attracting a larger number of international visitors.

According to Hào, the resolution issued by the Government on August 14 regarding the granting of e-visas to citizens of all countries and territories is a significant step forward. It reaffirms the Vietnamese Government’s dedication to maintaining an open policy towards foreigners, making it easier for them to obtain visas and navigate the entry and exit procedures. This is particularly beneficial for individuals coming to Vietnam for work, investment, and tourism purposes.

According to Hào, there is a projected sharp increase in the number of foreign visitors, particularly from Europe and the Americas, following the commencement of the Autumn-Winter tourist season (from late September to early October).

Tan Son Nhat International Airport has recently implemented the use of automatic entry systems, also known as Autogate, to enhance the efficiency of security checks. This new system has remarkably decreased the time taken for each passenger’s security check to approximately 30-40 seconds.

According to Nguyen Thi Anh Hoa, Director of the municipal Department of Tourism, the agency conducted a survey at travel agencies to assess the impact of the new e-visa policy on tourist numbers in Vietnam. The survey indicated that there has not been a substantial change in tourist numbers following the implementation of this policy.

According to data from local hotels, room reservations for September reached approximately 70% of total capacity.

According to Hoa, strong growth is projected for both international and domestic visitors in September and towards the year-end period.

According to Pham Phuong Anh, General Director of Viet Tourism Communication JSC, sharing Hoa’s opinion, the newly implemented e-visa policy has the potential to bring about a significant increase in the number of international tourism arrivals to Vietnam. With this policy in place, it is anticipated that the company’s yearly service to international tourists may see a growth ranging from 2-25 percent.

Positive Reception of Visa Policy by Other Countries

Israeli individuals and companies have warmly embraced Vietnam’s recent visa policy, acknowledging the country’s commitment to streamlining its procedures for the convenience of foreigners seeking opportunities to travel and engage in business within the Southeast Asian region.

In a conversation with a correspondent from the Vietnam News Agency in Tel Aviv, individuals expressed their belief that opting for e-visas rather than traditional visa stamping on passports would offer a more convenient, efficient, and cost-effective process.

Eran Laufman, a resident of Yavne city, recently recounted his travels to Vietnam and the remarkable experiences he had visiting renowned destinations such as Hạ Long Bay and Sa Pa. Though he had heard of these destinations during a previous trip to Southeast Asia, unforeseen circumstances prevented him from applying for a visa to Vietnam at the time. However, six months ago, he finally had the opportunity to fulfill his long-held desire to explore Vietnam and discovered its captivating beauty.

According to CEO and founder of Doron – Vietnam Travel, Buta Doron, the introduction of e-visas will greatly enhance the convenience of travel for Israeli tourists. This is due to the fact that the entire application process can be completed online.

The visa reforms are of great importance, particularly in light of the recent signing of the Vietnam – Israel Free Trade Agreement (VIFTA) and the upcoming launch of direct flights between the two countries.

According to Doron, these positive advancements will greatly enhance bilateral relations, particularly in the areas of tourism and trade. He expressed optimism that the introduction of direct flights will make round-trip airfare between Israel and Vietnam more enticing, thereby boosting the travel demand of Israeli citizens to Vietnam.

Viet Fam, the Chief Executive Officer of Vietfood Group, a prominent company specializing in the importation of farm produce and processed foods from Vietnam, highlighted the positive experiences of several acquaintances who efficiently obtained and utilized e-visas under the newly implemented regulations.

According to the speaker, visitors have the opportunity to explore all the beautiful destinations of Vietnam with the e-visa validity period extending up to three months. This policy offers convenience for holiday-makers and presents opportunities for travel and airline enterprises.

Vietnam Triumph 2-0 over Palestine During FIFA Days Match

Vietnam emerged victorious against Palestine with a 2-0 scoreline in a friendly match held at the esteemed Thien Truong Stadium in Nam Dinh province. This exhilarating encounter was organized as part of the FIFA Days events.

In the 61st minute, striker Cong Phuong netted the opening goal for Vietnam, courtesy of a precise pass from Hoang Duc.

According to VNA, in the 78th minute of the match, the Vietnamese team extended their lead. Executing a successful counterattack on the right wing, midfielder Van Toan skillfully evaded the Palestinian defenders and delivered a precise pass to Tuan Hai, who effortlessly scored a goal into the empty net.

In the 61st minute, from Hoang Duc's pass, striker Cong Phuong (C) scores the first goal for Vietnam (Photo: VNA)
In the 61st minute, from Hoang Duc’s pass, striker Cong Phuong (C) scores the first goal for Vietnam. (Photo: VNA)

Coach Philippe Troussier has achieved his third consecutive victory as the head coach of the Vietnamese men’s national football team.

During the previous FIFA Days in June, the Vietnam national team achieved a 1-0 victory over Syria in a friendly match held at the prestigious Thien Truong Stadium.

The team’s matches are strategic preparation activities for the upcoming qualification matches for the second 2026 World Cup and the highly anticipated 2023 Asian Cup final in mid-October.

Vietnam is placed in Group F at the World Cup qualifier alongside Iraq, the Philippines, and the victor from the play-off match between Indonesia and Brunei.

The Asian Cup will take place early next year, featuring Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia, and Iraq in Group D.

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