Vietnam and RoK Boost Tourism Activity

The Vietnam Tourism Association and the Korea Tourism Organization have come together in Hanoi to form a partnership on September 28, aiming to bolster tourism between the two countries.


This memorandum of understanding was signed with the aim of promoting the exchange of visitors between Vietnam and South Korea, increasing the number of Korean visitors to Vietnam and Vietnamese visitors to South Korea.

Vietnam – RoK Promote Tourism Exchange
The agreement signing ceremony.

Accordingly, both sides will share information on tourism policies, market trends, and statistics, and promote exchanges between tourism businesses. Member businesses of the Vietnam Tourism Association will receive support in developing and promoting Korean tourism programs and improving the quality of services for Korean tourists in Vietnam. Efforts will also be made to improve the quality of Korean tourism programs and ensure the rights of Vietnamese tourists in Korea.

The two sides will also collaborate on organizing tourism promotion activities such as fairs, seminars, and famous…

This cooperation agreement serves as the foundation for developing highly professional Vietnam-RoK tourism programs, including researching customer needs, building products, advertising, providing tourist consultations, and organizing tours between the two countries.

Travel companies will be encouraged to prioritize responsible organizing and managing of tours and guide tourists to comply with the laws of both countries.

Under this agreement, close coordination between state tourism management agencies will ensure the quality of tourism programs and provide benefits for tourists such as travel insurance, quality assurance, and goods procurement. Additionally, tourist groups will be closely managed to ensure safe travel.

Efforts will also be made to develop the Korean outbound and inbound markets, attract more Korean visitors to Vietnam, making South Korea the largest source market for Vietnamese tourism. Furthermore, promoting the trend of Vietnamese tourists visiting Korea and making South Korea a preferred destination for Vietnamese people will also be prioritized.

Following the signing, both parties will immediately commence activities, including a survey delegation to explore new tourism products in Jeonnam, Jeonbuk, South Korea. The Korea Tourism Organization will also participate in introducing Korean tourism at the Vietnam International Tourism Fair – Can Tho 2023.

Tracy Dao