Venezuela-Vietnam Friendship Parliamentarians’ Group Set Up

The Venezuela's National Assembly installed the Venezuela-Vietnam Parliamentary Friendship Group in order to promote communication and the exchange of legislative cooperation.


The Venezuela-Vietnam Friendship Parliamentarians’ Group was set up in Venezuela in a August 12 ceremony, VNA reported Saturday.

Venezuela-Vietnam Friendship Parliamentarians’ Group Set Up
At the inaugural ceremony. Photo: VNA

The ceremony was attended by Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Iris Varela Rangel; President of the Venezuela-Vietnam Friendship Parliamentary Group Saul Ortega Campos; Vietnamese Ambassador Le Viet Duyen; Undersecretary of State for Asia, Middle East and Oceania Capaya Rodriguez Gonzalez; President of the Chamber of Commerce of Venezuela – Vietnam Oswaldo Hernandez; along with members of the Venezuela – Vietnam Friendship Parliamentary Group and staff of the Vietnamese Embassy.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony, Vice President of Venezuela’s National Assembly Iris Varela Rangel expressed her delight at the growing partnership between the two countries.

She underlined that the establishment of the group is significant to the strengthening of partnership between the two NAs, contributing to promoting the friendship and cooperation between the two countries as well as mutual understanding between their people.

President of the Venezuela-Vietnam Friendship Parliamentarians’ Group Saul Ortega Campos pointed out that the group between Venezuela and Vietnam is a strategic alliance to promote relations of cooperation and solidarity.

“This is a strategic alliance, the parliamentary friendship group has been installed to develop friendly relations and cooperation between both peoples based on the Diplomacy of Peace,” he said in television contact.

He affirmed that the group aims to expand and deepen the two nations’ traditional solidarity, friendship and comprehensive cooperation and foster the collaboration between the two legislatures and parliamentarians of both countries.

He pledged to actively organise activities to strengthen the friendship with Vietnam, especially those to celebrate the 33th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Venezuela and the 15th anniversary of bilateral comprehensive partnership.

Venezuela-Vietnam Friendship Parliamentarians’ Group Set Up
Vietnamese Ambassador Le Viet Duyen and members of the Venezuela-Vietnam Friendship Parliamentarians’ Group. Photo: VNA

Meanwhile, Vietnamese Ambassador Le Viet Duyen underlined that the group will contribute to promoting the bilateral friendship and lift the Vietnam-Venezuela ties to a new height.

He reaffirmed the Vietnamese Government’s consistent policy of supporting Venezuela in the struggle to protect the country’s independence and sovereignty as well as peace, happiness and prosperity of the people.

Also in the ceremony, the Venezuelan National Assembly deputies reviewed the heroic youth years when they took to the streets together to march in support of the just cause of the Vietnamese people for national independence and reunification.

Previous, the deputy minister for Asia, the Middle East and Oceania, Capaya Rodríguez, held a meeting with the Ambassador Le Viet Duyen, to strengthen the strategic alliances between the two nations.

“Vice Minister for Asia, the Middle East and Oceania, Capaya Rodríguez, held a meeting with the ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Venezuela, Le Viet Duyen, to continue deepening the strategic alliance between the two nations,” the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry reported in its account on the social network Twitter.

Vietnam and Venezuela established diplomatic links on December 8, 1989. Both nations maintain cooperation agreements in the sectors of energy, oil, housing construction, culture, agriculture, among other strategic axes.

To date, both countries reflect the signing of 64 agreements, translated into 19 projects for mutual development.

Hannah Nguyen