Impressions of Vietnam’s Traditional Art and Culture Captivate German Guests

At the Berlin Asia Arts Festival in Germany, attendees have been introduced to the world of Vietnamese music and the iconic epic poem “Truyen Kieu” (The Tale of Kieu).


Various Vietnamese art and cultural performances with traditional and modern features were showcased at the Berlin Asian Arts Festival on September 30, according to Vietnamese News Agency (VNA).

The Berlin Asian Arts Festival is being held for the first time, giving German and European audiences a deep and fascinating glimpse into the diverse and vibrant art scene of Asia. The program features a variety of art performances, concerts, workshops, film screenings, and other forms of entertainment.

Vietnam's Traditional Art, Culture Impress German Friends
The Tale of Kieu, a literary masterpiece by renowned poet Nguyen Du, was performed in German by artist Christiane Voigt. The performance featured the guitar version of the Kieu Suite composed by music professor Dang Ngoc Long, director of the Berlin Gesundbrunnen Music School. Source: Berlin Asia Arts Club

The event was attended by German and international guests, as well as the Vietnamese community in Germany. Vietnamese Ambassador to Germany Duc Vu Quang Minh and his spouse also attended the program.

The audience was captivated by the storytelling performance of “Truyen Kieu” (The Tale of Kieu), a poetic work of art by Nguyen Du. German artist Christiane Voigt delivered the performance in German, accompanied by the mesmerizing melodies of the Kieu Suite played on the guitar.

The unique presentation style brought a sense of wonder to the audience. Christiane Voigt’s warm and inspiring voice, combined with the melodious and richly-imagined music of the Kieu Suite, transported listeners into the enchanting world of Eastern culture.

Professor and composer Dang Ngoc Long composed the classical guitar piece “Kieu Suite” to introduce the story to European audiences in a diverse and innovative way.

“Truyen Kieu” tells the story of Thuy Kieu, a beautiful and talented young woman who sacrifices herself into prostitution to save her father from prison. The masterpiece has been translated into 20 different languages, with the German edition by Franz and Irene Faber being the first translation in German-speaking countries.

The vivid and expressive storytelling of Kieu’s life and the profound philosophies about social relationships, life, and human destiny deeply touched the audience.

Vietnam's Traditional Art, Culture Impress German Friends
Vietnamese artists performing at the Berlin Asian Arts Festival in Germany. Photo: VNA

In addition, the audience enjoyed performances of traditional Vietnamese musical instruments by the Hoa Sen (Lotus) Quartet. The skilled artists showcased various folk melodies from different regions of Vietnam using instruments such as the monochord, erhu, zither, bamboo flute, and traditional Vietnamese drum.

These performances by Vietnamese artists living in Germany contribute to the promotion of traditional Vietnamese culture and arts to international audiences.

The Berlin Asian Arts Festival provides an exciting and diverse glimpse into the Asian art world for German and European audiences.

The festival runs from September 15 to October 8, featuring art performances, concerts, workshops, film screenings, and various other forms of entertainment.

Hannah Nguyen