80,000 Attend Successful Hanoi Autumn Festival

The weekend saw Hanoi bathed in sunshine and cooled by a fresh breeze, creating a perfect atmosphere for the successful Hanoi Autumn Festival, which drew in a large crowd of visitors.


The Hanoi Autumn Festival 2023, with the theme “Hanoi Autumn: Come to Love,” was a successful event that attracted approximately 80,000 visitors, according to the head of the Tourism Promotion Department.

The Hanoi Autumn Carnival, a part of the festival, took place on October 1 in the pedestrian area of Hoan Kiem Lake. The carnival featured a lively and colorful morning parade with around 1,500 participants, including municipal civil servants, students, members of art groups, and craftsmen.

A booth selling banh cuon (steamed rice crepe) at the Hanoi Autumn Festival. Photo: Moc Mien/The Hanoi Times

The festival, held under the theme “Bright Colors of Autumn,” featured various performances by art groups and women dressed in traditional long robes, known as ao dai, which added a charming touch to the event.

Nguyen Thi Chanh, the head of the Muong Gong Club in Phu Man commune, expressed her happiness that her ancient gong dance on the street brought joy to festival-goers. She hoped to have more opportunities to showcase the cultural identity of the Muong ethnic group.

Tran Thanh Tung, an amateur runner who participated in the Carnival parade, expressed his attraction to the cultural activities and tourism promotion at the festival, stating that they were not only appealing to visitors but also to long-time residents of Hanoi like himself.

Tran Thi Thu, a tourist from Ho Chi Minh City, praised the unique cultural and tourist events organized in Hanoi during the autumn season, stating that they were a highlight for fall tourism in the capital.

The inaugural Hanoi Autumn Festival featured 150 booths showcasing various products, including those from trade villages, special dishes, and gifts representing the fall season in the capital and elsewhere in the country. Many handicraft souvenirs and tours offered by travel agencies were sold out during the festival.

A dragon dance at the Hanoi Autumn Festival. Photo: VNA

Nguyen Van Su, head of the Association of Handicraft, Ancient and Cultural Villages, stated that their booths displayed various handicrafts and gifts made by artisans from trading villages, including horn combs and mother-of-pearl inlays from Thuy Ung Village, as well as rattan and bamboo woven products from Phu Vinh Village.

The Hanoi Children’s Palace hosted the Culinary Culture Space, which featured 51 booths showcasing dishes from professional associations, artisans, enterprises, and famous culinary establishments in Hanoi and across the country. Visitors had the opportunity to taste popular dishes such as pho (beef and chicken noodle soup), bun thang (vermicelli noodles with various toppings), Phu Thuong sticky rice, and spring rolls.

The highlight of the Culinary Space was the gathering of famous pho brands from Hanoi and other localities, including Nam Dinh, Ha Giang, and Dak Lak.

Nguyen Anh Duong, Director of the Hanoi Promotion Agency, highlighted that the Culinary Space not only introduced delicious dishes and prestigious culinary establishments but also showcased the long-standing culinary culture and tradition of Hanoi. Tourists could reminisce about dishes from their childhood and learn about Hanoi’s culinary heritage.

At the festival, folks are enjoying delicacies from all over the country. Photo: Moc Mien/The Hanoi Times

Nguyen Thi Lan, the owner of a pho shop, designed her stall in the culinary area to reflect the style of old Hanoi. She revealed that the pho broth was simmered for 10 hours. Visitors, like Nguyen Thu Duyen from Thanh Xuan district, looked forward to enjoying the variety of pho dishes from different brands gathered in one location, appreciating the opportunity to discover the differences between Hanoi’s pho and versions from other provinces.

The three-day Hanoi Autumn Festival provided numerous activities and venues for exploration, creating an attractive festival atmosphere in tune with the autumn season. Its success lies not only in attracting a large number of people and tourists but also in the potential to become a prominent autumn tourism brand for the capital.