The Fansipan Mountain Marathon 2020 marked the tenth edition of the event, which was first held in 2010 to celebrate the 1000th anniversary of Thang Long – Hanoi.

The race was jointly held by the Lao Cai Provincial People’s Committee, the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Hoang Lien National Park, Sapa Tourism Association, and Ly A Sang Travel Company, with the sponsorship of Sun World Fansipan Legend Tourist Complex.

Running through jungle

More than 200 runners from over 20 running and trekking clubs across the country participated in the event, who raced 11.5 kilometres from Bac (Silver) Waterfall to the peak of Fansipan Mountain.

The weather was favourable for racers on the running day as the temperature was not too cold and it was only a little bit foggy in the early morning. The fog was quickly swept away and sunlight lit up the green space of the Hoang Lien mountain range, making the trail more scenic and inspiring for runners.

Le Lenh Thuc and Ha Thi Hau, two winners of the event

Le Lenh Thuc triumphed in the men’s category after clocking a time of 2:06, while Ha Thi Hau, who reached the finish line 10 minutes later, took the lead in the women’s category. Both of them came from the Sapa Tourism Association team.

The organising board also presented prizes to 61-year-old Nguyen Khac Xuyen and 19-year-old Nguyen Ngoc Phu, who were recorded as the oldest and the youngest participants in this year’s event, respectively.

61-year-old Nguyen Khac Xuyen (L) was the oldest participant in this year’s event

Sharing her feelings about her victory, Ha Thi Hau stressed that everyone who participated in the event is a champion as the Fansipan Mountain Marathon 2020 is a race to conquer oneself.

It is true that conquering Fansipan is indeed never an easy challenge. Many runners had to pause their journey due to cramps or slipping down. However, they received timely encouragement and support from their companions and team mates, thus none of the participants quit and all of them reached the finish line.

A sea of clouds on the peak of Fansipan Mountain

Meanwhile, Le Lenh Thuc said that although he has been to Fansipan many times, he had never had such a strong feeling as this time.

“This is an amazing marathon race,” he said, adding that the weather was so favourable that every runner could fully admire the spectacular view of the nature around Fansipan.

He also expressed his belief that the race will help to attract more visitors to Sapa to try conquering Fansipan Peak for themselves.

The race took place at a time when many cultural and sporting events are being held to attract visitors to Sapa.

Assorted varieties of roses boast their beauty at the Sapa Rose and Wine Festival

The Sapa Rose and Wine Festival was being organised at the Sapa tourism House, introducing visitors to the charm of different types roses as well as the taste of excellent wines.

Meanwhile, local transport and hotel businesses are offering tourists special price discounts ranging from 10% to 40%, including Legend, Chau Long and Hotel De la Coupole.

It can be said that Fansipan Mountain Marathon 2020 is not simply a sporting event but also a truly awesome travel experience for participants.

The organising board is planning to make it an annual event in order to further promote the spirit of sports among runners while advertising the hospitality and extraordinary natural landscape of the Hoang Lien mountain range to visitors both at home and abroad.