Explore the Enchantment of the K50 Waterfall in the Central Highlands

Known as Hang En Waterfall or the 'K50', this impressive cascade located in the Central Highlands of Vietnam has been likened to a majestic muse.


From a quiet spot in the middle of the forest, the K50 waterfall suddenly became noticeable when its gorgeous photos were posted on social media by famous Vietnamese TikTokers and singers. After receiving a lot of likes and positive comments from netizens, more guests are now hoping to visit this destination and admire its wonderful nature.

This summertime, K50 Waterfall is one of the most popular trekking destinations among adventurers, young travelers, and families seeking a leisurely journey through the mountains and forests. In a short time, the search results and hashtags about this waterfall have increased, surprising many people.

The irresistible charm of K50 Waterfall

Located in Kon Chu Rang nature reserve in Binh Dinh hamlet, Son Lang commune, K’Bang district, Gia Lai province, K50 Waterfall is called “The Muse” nestled inside the vast forests and mountains of The Central Highlands. The waterfall has a height of more than 50m, surrounded by green vegetation.

Photo: Viet Phuong Thoa

From a distance, the waterfall looks like a giant white silk strip hanging along the cliff. Around the foot of the waterfall are green moss-covered rocks that form unique shapes. The waterfall is located in the middle of the forest, surrounded by deep green nature with a cool atmosphere, which is why the K50 waterfall has received much attention from tourists.

Since Gia Lai province is located in a humid tropical climate, influenced by the Duyen Hai and Central Highlands climates, the sun is not too harsh in the dry season. From January to July every year, the weather is cool, with little rain, creating favorable conditions for people to travel around and explore the wonderful natural scenery with their families and friends.

Photo: Viet Phuong Thoa

This waterfall is also known as Hang En Waterfall because there is a large cave where thousands of forest swallows build their nests just behind it.

The trekking route

Because Kon Chu Rang is still very wild and has not been developed for tourism, travelers need to follow the procedures required by the forest ranger. After completing the necessary procedures, tourists are led into the forest by two people to ensure safety and compliance with conservation laws and regulations. From the forest ranger, tourists start trekking 14km to reach Trai Bo.

To reach K50 waterfall, tourists can stop to rest at Trai Bo, where some Bahnar households live, and continue walking through the forest for another 4km. It takes about 3 hours to cover this distance. Despite the slopes and streams, the majestic and wild beauty of the Kon Chu Rang conservation area is worth the effort.

Photo: Kinh Nghiem Trekk Thac K50 Fanpage

Travelers who are traveling alone can book a schedule with the rangers of the Kon Chu Rang conservation area or local guides. There are several tours organizing trekking trips to explore the K50 waterfall. Depending on their needs, tourists can choose the right trekking tour for them.

Located on a high mountain with a strong current, K50 Waterfall possesses a wild, magnificent, and poetic beauty that attracts tourists from all over the world.

Photo: Kinh Nghiem Trekk Thac K50 Fanpage

Travelers can sometimes see a beautiful rainbow appearing just above the waterfall, creating a paradise-like and heavenly scene in the Central Highlands.

Inside K50 waterfall, there is a large rock cave where forest swallows nest. Tourists have the opportunity to see firsthand the flocks of swallows searching for prey and admire the destination up close.

Photo: Kinh Nghiem Trekk Thac K50 Fanpage

Charlotte Pho