Enjoy an Unforgettable Summer Getaway at Hon Dua Island

Looking for a summer getaway to take in the beauty of nature? Then look no further than Hon Dua Island, the perfect destination to experience the stunning scenery.


Hon Dua is a small island located in An Chan commune, Tuy An district. The island features rocky cliffs with unique shapes, colorful coral reefs, and a beautiful lake. What sets this island apart is its evergreen pandan grass, which gives it a wild and captivating landscape.

Experience A Summer Holiday In Hon Dua Island
Hon Dua is a small island in An Chan commune, Tuy An district. Photo: Le Quoc Hung

An Chan commune, Tuy An district is home to two other beautiful islands, Hon Chua and Hon Than. However, Hon Dua island stands out as the farthest from the mainland and the most attractive. After a 30-minute journey from the mainland, tourists are greeted with beautiful rock formations, a lush green grass hill, and crystal blue sea waters.

Hon Dua island is smaller in size compared to Hon Chua, and it is surrounded by rocky cliffs that reach the water’s surface. The eastern side faces Hon Chua island, the northern side consists of steep cliffs, and the southern side features a long sandy beach. The island is adorned with clusters of thorny pineapples and grassy hills, which gave it the name “Hon Dua” (Pineapples Island).

Experience A Summer Holiday In Hon Dua Island
Photo: Le Quoc Hung

The best time to visit Hon Dua island is during the dry season from November to April. During this period, the sea is calm, the weather is pleasant, and the water is clear and vibrant, making it ideal for exploring the stunning natural scenery.

To reach Hon Dua island from Duong Dong Town Center, tourists can take a taxi or drive for approximately 30 minutes to An Thoi seaport. From there, it is a 30-minute boat cruise to Hon Dua Island. Boat transfers are affordable, with tickets priced at only 50,000 VND/person/time (US$2.5), and can easily be purchased at An Thoi seaport.

Experience A Summer Holiday In Hon Dua Island
Tourists can enjoy a relaxing moment sunbathing on the grassy hill. Photo: Le Quoc Hung

The rocky shore behind the grassy hill of Hon Dua is a popular spot among the younger crowd for witnessing the sunrise over the islands of Phu Yen. This location offers a combination of a turquoise sea, a natural lake, and vibrant marine life, making it a unique feature of Hon Dua island.

From Hon Dua island, visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of Da Bia Mountain, Tuy Hoa city, and the mountain ranges in the Tuy An district. Hon Chua and Hon Yen islands can also be spotted in the distance.

Snorkeling is a must-try activity when visiting Hon Dua island. Its clear blue waters and abundant vegetation, especially the colorful coral reefs, make it an ideal destination for snorkeling. For adventurous tourists with good health and diving skills, they can explore depths of up to 30 meters. Snorkeling near the shore is suitable for the elderly and children.

Experience A Summer Holiday In Hon Dua Island
Camping is one of the favorite activities for tourists here. Photo: Le Quoc Hung

Kayaking is the best way to experience the untouched nature of Hon Dua Island. The early morning and sunset hours offer the most enchanting moments for kayaking, allowing tourists to immerse themselves in the fresh, calm air and witness breathtaking scenes.

Phu Yen is known for offering seafood at reasonable prices compared to other beach destinations in Vietnam. One must-visit location for seafood lovers is O Loan Lagoon, where they can enjoy delicious meals in a cool and refreshing atmosphere.

Experience A Summer Holiday In Hon Dua Island
Photo: Le Quoc Hung

Some notable dishes to try during breakfast in Phu Yen include banh hoi long pork (soft thin vermicelli with pig’s tripes), bun cha ca (vermicelli with grilled fish pie), and banh chung he (chives soup). For lunch and dinner, tuna eyes and fried chicken rice are recommended. Tuna eyes are particularly famous in Phu Yen and are stewed in a small earthen pot with herbs, giving them a sweet taste.

Charlotte Pho