A New Era of Democracy: US Applauds India’s Monumental Electoral Achievement, Foreseeing a Strong and Enduring Partnership

On Tuesday, the United States praised India for successfully conducting the world's largest democratic exercise—the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Spread across a remarkable 44-day period from April 19 to June 1, these elections witnessed the participation of over 900 million eligible voters, a true testament to India's strong democratic values. With the NDA's third consecutive victory, securing Modi 3.0, the US expressed hope for a continued close partnership between the two nations, building upon the existing strong ties and shared values.


During a briefing, US State Department Spokesperson Matthew Miller expressed his expectations for a continued strong partnership between the United States and India, stating, “I expect a continued close partnership between the United States and India. There is a great partnership both at the government level and at the people-to-people level, and I fully expect that to continue,” when asked about the future of US-India relations after Modi’s third term.

With the BJP-led NDA poised to secure 291 seats and the INDIA bloc 234, the election results are much closer than predicted by exit polls, which forecasted a significant majority for the ruling alliance. Other parties are expected to claim 18 seats.

Miller noted that the US would await the final election results before providing any definitive comments. As per the Election Commission of India, the counting of votes is still ongoing, with two seats yet to be declared out of the 543 member Lok Sabha seats, and a majority mark of 272.

“While the election results are not yet finalized, we will refrain from offering any definitive comments until they are. I will not comment on election winners and losers, but instead, emphasize the importance of the largest exercise of democracy in history as the Indian people cast their votes,” Miller added.

The US spokesperson also praised the Indian government and voters for their participation in such a massive electoral process, stating, “We commend the Government of India and the voters for successfully undertaking and participating in such a significant electoral event. We eagerly await the final results…”

Addressing the media’s inquiry about External Affairs Minister Jaishankar’s suggestion of Western influence in Indian elections, Miller firmly denied any such attempts, stating, “We express our views clearly and openly, both privately with foreign governments and publicly when necessary. However, this is not an attempt to influence elections in India or elsewhere.”

In his remarks, Prime Minister Narendra Modi celebrated the BJP-led NDA’s third consecutive term, attributing the victory to the resolve of Viksit Bharat, the principle of ‘Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas’, and the people’s strong faith in India’s Constitution. He highlighted that this is the first time since 1962 that a government, after completing two full terms, has been reelected for a third term. (ANI)

Tarah Nguyen

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