Working under heat 40C

NDO – During the hot and sunny days in Hanoi, key traffic projects are still being implemented by contractors to keep up with the schedule.


According to Nhan Dan (People) Newspaper’s reporters, on May 18, the peak of the heat wave from the beginning of the summer to now, at the construction site of Mai Dong bridge intersection, expansion project and construction of a viaduct on high belt road 2, widening Nguyen Khoai street (section of Tran Khat Chan street to Luong Yen gas station), engineers and workers are hustling to work under the sun like fire.

Female workers work hard under the summer sun like fire.

Workers under the hot sun

A worker sprayed water on himself to reduce the heat.

Geodetic worker with a sun umbrella on the construction site

The welder works in the hot sun.

Despite being sealed, working under the hot 40 degrees Celsius is a challenge for workers.

Worker’s hands

Despite sitting in the excavator cockpit, the male worker still equips himself with a conical hat to reduce the heat.

Workers on site

Workers at the Minh Khai road expansion project

Workers spray water on the roadbed to reduce heat.