Art Exhibition Melding Tradition and Modernity

Forty-six distinctive paintings extolling the charm of historic Thang Long and modern Hanoi adorn the inner city.


The current exhibition, titled “Thang Long Convergence”, will be held at the Hanoi Cultural and Arts Center, 22 Hang Buom Street, Hanoi until May 15 to celebrate Reunification Day (April 30) and Labor Day (May 1).

 The art exhibition. Photo: Artist Nguyen Huan

The exhibition features 46 paintings created by 26 artists from the old town of Son Tay (Group 33A) and Hanoi, including beloved artists like Nguyen Duc Duong, Nguyen Tan Phat, Nguyen Huan, Tran Cuong, Vu Thuy Mai, and Nong Trang, among others.

The works on display cover a variety of themes such as portraits, beautiful landscapes, still lifes, and others to celebrate the beauty of Hanoi and other regions of Vietnam.

The paintings by Group 33A’s artist show familiar images of a typical Vietnamese northern delta village, such as ancient gates, wells, and elders wearing traditional headscarves.

Meanwhile, Hanoi artists have tried to capture the traditional beauty of the thousand-year-old city by depicting historical relics, daily life, and old streets.

 The artworks are on display at the exhibition.

Artist Luong Thu Ha, one of the authors whose paintings are on display at the exhibition, said she brought the oil painting “Summer Afternoon” to the event. “The highlight of the work is the golden sunlight streaking the window frame and the peeling, mossy, time-stained walls of an old house in Hanoi. Next to the wall is a pair of birds. On a sunny summer afternoon,” she said, “they all create a peaceful, happy scene.

Another outstanding work on view is an oil painting entitled “The Village Gate” by artist Nguyen Ba Huy, which depicts the ancient gate of Chu Minh Commune in Ba Vi District on the outskirts of Hanoi.

“The Thang Long Convergence exhibition aims to preserve the beauty of Hanoi through the language of painting, as well as entertain local and international visitors to the capital during the country’s second biggest holiday.   

 The oil painting “Summer Afternoon” by the artist Luong Thu Ha.
 The artwork entitled “Village Gate” by painter Nguyen Ba Huy.