A series of abstract paintings by artist William Pham are on display at the exhibition The Voyage to Freedom. Among pieces presented there, the Dance in Mercy takes the spotlight as it was previously introduced at World Leader in AI World Society (AIWS) Award 2021, under the UN centennial initiative. 

 Painting The Dance in Mercy. 

The painting receives thankful letter from Governor Michael Dukakis, US Democratic Party’s nominee for president in 1988, Chairman of the UN Centennial Initiative – a Vietnam supporter and lover.

“The Dance in Mercy – Vu Khuc Nhan Ai is an inspiring piece that brings life to the initiative, representing positive energy, as well as the compassion of humanity”, Dukakis wrote in his letter to William Pham. 

Art lovers can contemplate the paintings at Ngo Art Gallery in Thao Dien Ward, Thu Duc city, HCM City.

Born on July 9, 1979, William Pham earned an MBA and PhD in the Netherlands and the UK. He used to work at the Department of International Relations under the State Audit of Vietnam, and is passionate about contributions to artistic freedom movement.

His first exhibition, conducted in 2020 at the Sofitel Metropole Legend Hotel in Hanoi, showcases 19 abstract works that attract art critics, directors, architects and diplomats. The 43 year-old artist shares a thought that he is very passionate about: “Reach out to the sky, even if you cannot take the brightest stars, but at least we can stand among the many stars to light up our dreams. Please look at the world with a kind heart.”

The Voyage to Freedom exhibition is the second series of events by artist William Pham, showing his strength and new breakthroughs in the period of harmony between the old year 2021 and the new year 2022, which is attracting the attention of the art lovers.