An exhibition entitled “New 5” featuring spring-themed artworks is on display at 29 Hang Bai exhibition hall in Hanoi from 7 to 12 January.

A painting of artist Nguyen Huu Khoa is display at the exhibition. 

The exhibition is organized by a group of artists including Nguyen Huu Khoa, Le Phuong, Khong Do Duy, Nguyen Minh Hieu and Nguyen Ngoc Dan.

According to the artist Nguyen Huu Khoa, the name of the exhibition “New 5” means that the New Year 2021 has arrived, the Vietnamese Lunar New Year of the Ox is also approaching; “New 5” – also represents five artists who are authors of new works of art composed in 2020 that are exhibited in this exhibition.

Artist Nguyen Huu Khoa introduced to the public a series of watercolour paintings with awesome pinky peach blossoms – the iconic flower of spring in Vietnam. Besides, there are also paintings of the zodiac animal of next year – the Ox.

Painter Khong Do Duy brought to the exhibition paintings of apricot flowers, fig trees and Hanoi’s tiny lanes in the Old Quarter area. The artworks by painter Nguyen Ngoc Dan focus on bunch wires hanging high in the sky that recalled his nickname “Dan-day-dien” (or Dan -electric wires).

Meanwhile, artist Nguyen Minh Hieu present to the public his excited nude women paintings and beautiful landscapes. The nude paintings showcasing the youthful bodies of girls seem to be an interesting highlight of this spring-themed art exhibition.

The painter Le Phuong, whose nickname is Leo, brings to the exhibition abstract paintings with pieces of shapes that are impossible to classify, but which are extremely harmonized with other works of art on display and the “New 5” exhibition space. These paintings are a new experiment by a renowned Vietnamese cartoonist.