Bach Mai hospital installed 20 standing gas heaters on the sidewalks of the A9 Emergency Department to serve relatives of patients.

Industrial gas heaters are umbrella-shaped and nearly 2m high and use gas as heat-generating fuel with stable operation, high efficiency, and rapid distribution of heat. The heat flow can reach up to 12kw, six times higher than a normal heater.

All 20 heaters were operating at full capacity on the night of January 10 to dispel the extreme cold for relatives of patients at the hospital.

Family members of emergency patients at Bach Mai Hospital gathered around the standing heaters to avoid the cold. Many people even use canvas to protect themselves from the wind and retain more heat.

“The weather is getting colder at night, and although the hospital offers cheap accommodation, our relatives are still in the emergency room, so we have to stay outside and wait. Fortunately, the hospital has arranged these heaters, which help ease the cold at night,” said Tran Huy Truong, a 56-year-old man from Hoa Binh province.

Besides standing heaters, the hospital has also installed canvas roof frames to protect against rain and wind.

According to the national weather forecast agency, the cold air will continue to intensify in the North on January 11 with lowest temperatures from 7-10C and 4-7C in mountainous regions as well as falling to below 0C in several areas with snow and frost. Hanoi will see lowest temperatures of between 8-10C.