On this year’s National Reunification Day, the Saigon River banks witnessed a surge in visitors seeking a spectacular view of the fireworks display. The atmosphere was electrifying, with the cool, pleasant weather adding to the joyous occasion.

Crowds of enthusiastic spectators lined the Saigon River banks, their hearts pounding with anticipation for the fireworks extravaganza.

As the clock struck 9:00 p.m., the city’s night sky was illuminated with a breathtaking display of fireworks that left the spectators in awe.

The grand fireworks show ignited a symphony of cheers and excitement, as thousands of people reveled in the unforgettable spectacle.

For an unobstructed view of the fireworks, families flocked to the high-rise balconies of five-star hotels, transforming them into exclusive vantage points.

The streets surrounding Bach Dang Wharf Park, notably Ham Nghi street, were thronged with spectators eager to witness the fireworks display.

This year’s fireworks extravaganza was made possible through generous funding from non-State sources, showcasing the city’s commitment to delivering a spectacular celebration at 16 different venues, including a dedicated site for a high-range fireworks display.

Ho Chi Minh City, once the heart of the pro-American Saigon puppet government, was liberated on April 30, 1975, marking a historic victory in the Ho Chi Minh Campaign. This year’s fireworks display served as a poignant reminder of that momentous occasion.