The peach blossoms are sold at prices ranging from VND50,000 to VND400,000 per branch, depending on size.

According to peach blossom growers, this year’s flowers are less beautiful than usual due to unfavourable weather conditions.

Most of shoppers to Quang Ba flower market in Tay Ho District prefer small branches, which are around 50cm long.

Hoang Huong, a shopper from Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, said she came to the market to pick a branch of peach blossoms as gift to her friend in Da Nang City.

She revealed that Nhat Tan peach blossoms win much favour and appreciation from customers.

“It is a common habit of my family to offer our ancestors a branch of peach blossoms on the first day of the twelfth lunar month,” said Tran Tung, a marketgoer from Quang An District, Hanoi.

Some people even head to the gardens to pick a satisfactory branch of peach blossoms to decorate their home.

According to a garden’s owner, the small-sized braches are more marketable than the bigger ones.