Paintings of Vietnam peaceful village life go viral

The Hanoitimes - The country-inspired paintings evoke nostalgia among viewers.


Childhood memories have come back to those who watch Tran Nguyen’s paintings and the young author of canvases inspired by the countryside has aroused nostalgia among viewers.

 Images of old tile-roofed hoses, wells or the banyan tree, the familiar landscapes of a typical village in northern Vietnam have been the memories of country-born city dwellers.
 The paintings about the Vietnamese village have been shared and received many “love” reactions on Facebook.
 The paintings also make them recall their peaceful childhood. 
“These paintings are among a series of my works on the theme of home and family. All of us cherish our childhood, the carefree time, especially those from the countryside,” Tran Nguyen said. 
 “The picture is so beautiful and soulful, it reminds me of my old home village. The flavor of “The image is so beautiful and moving that it reminds me of my old hometown. The taste of rice, the smell of straw and earth give me peace. For ten years, everything has changed a lot,” wrote Duc Phuc, a Facebooker.