Mongolia Hosts Vietnam’s Inaugural Fine Art Exhibition

The event channelling Vietnamese art and culture to the international stage was recently launched in Mongolia, inviting Mongolian and international guests to experience the country's unique culture.


The inaugural art exhibition of Vietnam in Mongolia, named “Scent of the South Wind – Vietnamese Contemporary Paintings,” is currently on display at the Mongol Art Gallery in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia. The exhibition will be open to the general public until August 2nd.

The exhibition helps introduce Vietnamese contemporary art to Mongolian audiences. Photo: Embassy of Vietnam in Mongolia

The exhibition showcases a collection of 50 paintings and prints by 16 talented Vietnamese artists hailing from the major cities of Hanoi, Haiphong, and Ho Chi Minh City. Additionally, two paintings by a Mongolian volunteer artist are also featured in the exhibition.

The Vietnamese Ambassador to Mongolia, Doan Khanh Tam, has stated that the purpose of this cultural event is to commemorate the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Mongolia (1954-2024).

“The exhibition serves as a valuable platform to foster mutual understanding and strengthen bilateral cooperation between Vietnam and Mongolia,” stated the official.

The organizer of the exhibition describes the showcased works as a reflection of the diverse facets of contemporary Vietnamese art. The artists aim to familiarize the Mongolian audience with Vietnam’s contemporary art scene, offering them a deeper understanding of the country’s stunning landscapes, rich culture, and warm-hearted people.

 The painting “Early Sunshine in the Suburbs” by artist Dang Tien from Hai Phong City, Vietnam

The exhibition showcases a captivating blend of Vietnam’s natural landscapes and the artists’ personal journeys and creative endeavors. Spanning a range of artistic styles, from realism to expressionism and abstraction, the paintings explore diverse themes – encompassing natural landscapes, people, and portraits – across a variety of materials such as oil paint, acrylic on canvas, wood carving on paper, and more.

In addition to artworks featuring Vietnamese themes, there are also art pieces showcasing the splendor of Mongolia as seen through the perspectives of Vietnamese artists. Painter Trinh Tuan expressed his profound pride in exhibiting his works in this prestigious event, noting that it would contribute to deepening artistic exchanges between the two nations in the coming times.

 The painting “Saturday Noon” by Tran Manh Linh, lecturer at Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Arts.
The painting “Staying at Home on a New Year’s Day” by artist Trinh Lu