Hunting clouds on Ta Xua peak

NDO – Ta Xua commune in Bac Yen district, Son la province, has risen to become an attractive tourist destination for adventure lovers by offering a breath-taking conquest of “the dinosaur spine” on the top of Ta Xua peak.


Starting from Hanoi, backpackers can choose to go to Ta Xua by taking a bus or riding a motorcycle. For the latter option, bikers must follow the road for more than 200km along national highway 32, through Son Tay – Ha Trung – Thu Cuc, and then turn to Highway 37 with steep passes. The last 15km from the centre of Bac Yen district to Ta Xua commune is the most challenging section of the journey as it is quite rocky and sloping.

Most of accommodations in Ta Xua are homestays, which are on offer at budget cost from VND150,000 to VND300,000 a room for two people or VND100,000 each for staying at a stilt house.

Travellers can set a camp somewhere on the way to the mountain top and enjoy the sunrise the next morning

At a height of around 2,800 metres, Ta Xua mountain range, known as Phu Sa Phin, rises into the heart of the valley with the name “Dinosaur spine”. Standing there, visitors can admire the movements of clouds in the sky and feel like there’s an ocean of cloud floating under their feet.

The best time for cloud-hunting in Ta Xua is from October to April, during the cold winter and springtime, when the possibility of catching the sea of cloud is highest.

It takes 10 kilometres to get from the centre of Ta Xua commune to “the dinosaur spine”. Cloud hunters have to be present on the peak before 6 am so that they can fully watch the dawn break over the mountain and chase the clouds.

The climate in Ta Xua is cool all year round; the temperature drops to 17-18 degrees Celsius. Staying at a homestay, travellers can enjoy local dishes prepared by the homestay’s owners and take part in campfire and arts activities in the evening.