Hanoi Watercolor Exhibition: Showcasing Artworks by 465 International Artists

The exhibition, featuring 465 artists from around the world, is the biggest of its kind in Vietnam. It is divided into two parts and takes place at two different locations in Hanoi.


An international watercolor painting exhibition titled “Colors of Cultures” will take place in Hanoi, showcasing artworks from 465 artists representing 60 countries and territories.

Of these, over 200 selected watercolors will be displayed at the Temple of Literature from March 16th to 26th. The remaining artworks will be exhibited at Nhau Studio, located at 364 Doi Can Street, Hanoi.

The exhibition aims to present unique collections of watercolor paintings that embody the cultural diversity from various countries. The artists use watercolor materials to delicately and flexibly depict familiar themes of nature, country, and people, reflecting their respective cultural features.

VietnamInAcquarello, a branch of an international non-profit organization represented by painter Thu Huong Coco, is the main organizer of the event. Its mission is to provide opportunities for local artists to interact and exchange techniques with other artists from the region and around the world. The exhibition also aims to connect artists, collectors, students, and organizations interested in the art of watercolor.

The event will welcome more than 60 artists from 22 countries, including Poland, Japan, Korea, Australia, England, Canada, and France.

Le Xuan Kieu, Director of Van Mieu-Quoc Tu Giam Center for Cultural and Scientific Activities, expressed that “The watercolor exhibition is a meaningful art and cultural event, promoting the spiritual and cultural values of the community. It contributes to gradually transforming the Temple of Literature into a creative space. We always strive to diversify cultural activities to better serve both locals and international visitors.”

The Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Hanoi is the main honorary patron of this significant event. They hope that the exhibition will become a vibrant platform for cultural exchange, creativity, and mutual appreciation.

This exhibition is also a way to respect the legacy of Polish-Vietnamese relations, which have been built on people-to-people contacts since the beginning. The event represents a harmonious blend of various artistic expressions, reflecting the rich diversity of global cultures under the theme “Colors of Cultures”. Through art, a visual dialogue can transcend language barriers.

As part of the exhibition, 16 international artists will also demonstrate their painting process at the Temple of Literature on the morning of March 16th.

This live demonstration allows art enthusiasts to directly witness the creation of a watercolor painting and understand the influence of different cultures on the choice of themes and styles adopted by the artists.

Another major activity of the event is the Hanoi-Ninh Binh Painting Tour, scheduled from March 18th to 20th. The participating artists will depict Vietnamese relics and people in their paintings, contributing to the promotion of Vietnam’s images, culture, and tourism to international friends.

Alpe Cermis by Michał Suffczyński, Poland.
Vietnamese Girl by Avramova Diana, Belgium.
The Mediterranean Sea by Crehalet Christine, France.
Sunflower Love by Ze Ze Lai, Hongkong.
The Story of Life by Minh Dam, a Vietnamese-Polish artist.