Many streets across Hanoi are now adorned with the pure white petals of ‘sua’ tree flowers. The blooming tiny flowers brightens Hanoi’s sky and make the scene more romantic.

Hanoians take photos with a flowering white ‘sua’ tree in the background.

Blooming white ‘sua’ flowers add a charm to Hanoi during the leave-changing season.

The elegant trees boast their beauty at a corner of Hang Dau Flower Garden.

March is also the time when the flowers of the cotton tree begin blooming.

The brilliantly-coloured blooms at the Vietnam National Museum of History.

The cotton tree is also known as ‘moc mien’ and ‘po lang’. The flowers usually bloom in spring before the young leaves appear.

The red colour of a cotton tree mixed with the white ‘sua’ tree creates a lively appeal in a corner of Giap Bat Street.

Over the past week, a 400-m road with rows of yellow tabebuia trees grown on both sides in an urban area in La Khe Ward, Ha Dong District, has become an attractive ‘check-in’ destination for Hanoians.

The tree, which is native to South America, is commonly called a golden trumpet tree. A yellow tabebuia tree is commonly 2m to 7m in height.

A garden of blooming yellow tabebuia trees in Bao Dap Village, Kieu Ky Commune, Gia Lam District, in the outskirts of Hanoi.

A women posing against a background of brilliant yellow tabebuia trees in the garden.