Da Nang Locals as Tourism Ambassadors: A Vital Link in the City’s Success

Local people who help tourists find their lost belongings or deal with health problems, and environmental workers who return lost property to tourists, have contributed to spreading beautiful images of Da Nang – a safe, hospitable, friendly, and beautiful Da Nang – to international tourists.


Recently, a user posted on Facebook that while sending a courier from Hanoi to Da Nang, a postman in Da Nang lost an envelope of 30 passports. Immediately after the article was posted, many people, associations, and groups spread the information with the hope that the person would soon find the passports. Fortunately, after only a few hours, the passports were found. The fact that hundreds of people joined hands to spread the information shows the enthusiasm of Da Nang people and the safety of Da Nang.

Previously, a foreign male tourist had a health problem while having dinner at a restaurant in Da Nang. Fortunately, he was timely helped by a female tourist at the restaurant, who turned out to be medical staff. Immediately afterward, Da Nang Department of Tourism sent a thank you letter and awarded a certificate of merit to the female tourist for not only saving the other tourists but also helping to promote the beautiful image of Vietnam, particularly Da Nang.

Photo: Da Nang Fantasticity

In early 2024, a couple who are urban environmental workers picked up two lost wallets of American tourists. In the wallet, they found identification documents and cash. They quickly coordinated with relevant units to return the wallets to their owners, who already left Da Nang to visit another country. When noticed by the Tourist Support Center under the Da Nang Tourism Promotion Center that their identification papers were found, the two tourists were impressed by the enthusiasm and thoughtfulness of the Da Nang people. The city’s Department of Tourism also quickly awarded certificates of merit to the two urban environmental workers, encouraging and praising their noble gesture of returning lost property to tourists.

In the first quarter of 2024, the Da Nang’s Tourist Support Center received 17,900 visitors at the office and information counters at the airport. It has supported 1,910 calls, 90 emails, 450 messages from visitors via social networking applications. Most requests are related to ticket prices for tourist attractions, special programs, festivals, and events in the city. About 80 cases of lost luggage, phones, identification documents… were handled.

A destination not only attracts tourists because of its landscapes and entertainment services but also because of its tourism environment and people. Ensuring a safe and hospitable tourism environment is always the top priority of the city and its tourism industry. Such environment make tourists feel secure and confident when traveling to Da Nang. Small good deeds of each individual mentioned above significantly contribute to build an appealing tourist environment, which makes up the city’s brand.

Da Nang is entering the peak summer tourist season with many impressive programs, activities, and products. The tourism industry target to welcome 8.42 million visitors in 2024. To ensure safety for residents and tourists, the city’s tourism industry strengthens inspection and examination so that tourism activities are held in accordance with regulations. The city also guide tourism service business units to ensure quality and safety, towards high quality standards, thereby building Da Nang into a leading tourist destination in the country and the region, a safe – friendly – hospitable destination. To reach that common goal and mission, Da Nang people play an important role. They need to become tourism “ambassadors”, helping to promote the image of a friendly city and a safe destination for domestical and international tourists.

Valerie Mai