Ninh Binh Acknowledges UNESCO’s Support in Tourism Development

President of the 42nd General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Simona-Mirela Muculescu, graced a reception hosted by Ninh Binh Province on April 26. The event celebrated UNESCO’s invaluable assistance in elevating Ninh Binh’s tourism industry and propelling it to the forefront among the top 10 provinces and cities with the highest tourist footfall in the country.

Governor Nguyen Duc Chung highlighted Ninh Binh’s rich historical and cultural heritage, emphasizing the profound impact of the Trang An Landscape Complex, designated as a UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site in 2014. He attributed the province’s economic growth to the tourism sector, which has flourished under the protective umbrella of the Trang An Landscape Complex.

With its breathtaking natural beauty, Ninh Binh has embraced eco-friendly tourism practices. Governor Chung affirmed the province’s commitment to preserving the Trang An Landscape Complex through sustainable development that strikes a delicate balance between environmental protection, state governance, and the well-being of local communities and businesses.

The province’s unwavering dedication to sustainability has revitalized the local communities within the heritage area and catalyzed a transformative shift in its economic structure.

Impressed by Ninh Binh’s achievements, President Muculescu commended the province’s efforts in safeguarding and promoting its cultural heritage. She pledged UNESCO’s continued support, particularly in the preservation and dissemination of the Trang An complex’s heritage values.

President Muculescu and a delegation from UNESCO are currently in Vietnam for an official visit. They attended a ceremony on April 26th to commemorate the 10th anniversary of UNESCO’s recognition of the Trang An Landscape Complex as a World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site.