Conducting temperature measurement right outside the school gate. (Photo: Thuy Nguyen)

Students and parents scan the medical declaration QR code before entering the injection area. (Photo: Minh Duy)

In order to enter the injection area, students and parents must disinfect their hands. (Photo: Minh Duy)

Students read the information in advance to fill out the form correctly. (Photo: Minh Duy)

Students are always aware of keeping their distance to prevent and control the epidemic. (Photo: Minh Duy)

In order for students to be vaccinated, parental consent is required. (Photo: Minh Duy)

Fill in personal information. (Photo: Minh Duy)

In order to ensure the prescribed number of people in the injection area, students from different classes are divided into different time frames. (Photo: Thuy Nguyen)

Students are health checked and screened before injection. (Photo: Thuy Nguyen)

Screening is done carefully to ensure the health of the students to meet the injection conditions. (Photo: Minh Duy)

Medical staff advise students with necessary information before injecting, such as: type of vaccine, possible side effects, how to monitor health after injection. (Photo: Minh Duy)

In cases where health is not guaranteed, doctors will guide the injection procedure at the hospital for easy monitoring. (Photo: Minh Duy)

Ensuring physical distancing in the screening clinic. (Photo: Minh Duy)

Students of Dong Da High School are guided with information before injection. (Photo: Minh Duy)

The vaccine used to inject students at Dong Da High School. (Photo: Minh Duy)

Students at Tran Nhan Tong High School were vaccinated this morning with the Pfizer vaccine from Belgium, a dose of 0.3ml for 1 injection into the upper arm. (Photo: Thuy Nguyen)

According to the plan, the Hanoi Department of Health will distribute the vaccine to 30 districts and give the first dose of vaccination to children aged 15-17 years who are studying and living in Hanoi according to the roadmap of gradually lowering the vaccination age, giving a minimum three weeks between injections. (Photo: Thuy Nguyen)

It is expected that in the fourth quarter of 2021 and the first quarter of 2022, there will be 791,921 children vaccinated, of which 519,547 are from 12 to under 16 years old and 272,374 are from 16 to under 18 years old. (Photo: Thuy Nguyen)

Post-injection monitoring room is prepared for emergencies if any arise. (Photo: Minh Duy)

Parents monitor their child’s processes from the outside. (Photo: Minh Duy)

The deadline to complete this vaccination is before November 25. (Photo: Thuy Nguyen)

Medical staff check student information before issuing certificates of vaccination against Covid-19. (Photo: Thuy Nguyen)

Luong Minh Trang (a 12th grader at Nguyen Gia Thieu High School) feels more secure when she is vaccinated against COVID-19 and hopes to return to school very soon. (Photo: Minh Duy)