This year’s items are diverse in types, rich in designs and colours. Santa Claus ornaments are still popular with the people.

Many toys are Western-styles, bringing the Christmas atmosphere just like in fairy tales.

Christmas home decorations are sophisticated and eye-catching. There are many items with reasonable prices, from several tens of thousands of Vietnamese dong. There are also many decorative items that cost up to more than tens of millions of Vietnamese dong.

Bells and laurel wreaths with all prices from 100,000 to 300,000 VND, suitable for the needs of each customer.

Reindeer horns are an indispensable item of young people every Christmas.

Tri (Nam Thanh Cong ward, Dong Da district) shared, that because he knew that families and many people often took advantage of weekends to go shopping; so he took advantage of his free time during the week to visit Hang Ma, choosing for himself the decorative items while still ensuring epidemic prevention and control.

A couple take advantage of shopping for Christmas items to decorate their homes.

A family take their children to see the streets and buy toys.

Santa Claus costumes are always interesting to children, and the price is also relatively reasonable from 150,000-300,000 VND depending on the size.

The price of Christmas trees is very diverse, depending on the needs of each guest, the price will range from a few hundred thousand to several million Vietnamese dong.

Boxes of items are packaged to be shipped according to orders.

Due to the epidemic situation still being complicated, life has just returned to normal, so the purchasing power of people at this time is still not great. Business owners on the street are also hoping for more signs of improvement in the coming month.

The two women chose a private corner with no people to take souvenir photos with Christmas items they just bought.

Business stores on Hang Ma Street well comply with reminding people to scan the QR code of medical declaration when shopping.