It was a diverse and lively photo exhibition, because Hai Phong authors were allowed to send photos they captured anywhere to the organisers, while authors from outside the northern port city could send in photos they captured in Hai Phong only.

From the nearly 700 photos entered in the contest, the jury decided to grant awards to 11 of the 81 photos exhibited at the event.

Nhan Dan Online introduces some of the winning photos from the exhibition.

First prize winner “Cho ngày ra khơi” (Preparing for the new voyage) by Vu Nhang.

“Tiếp nối những công trình” (Continuing the works) by Vu Lam – Consolation Prize.

Second prize winner “Có một rú chá Hải Phòng” (There is a beautiful Hai Phong mangrove forest) by Nguyen Anh Thao.

“Tác nghiệp” (Working) by Vu Dung – Consolation Prize.

Third prize winner “Chợ sớm Cẩm Nhượng” (Cam Nhuong early market) by Nguyen Tuan Anh.

“Đường chiều” (An afternoon route) by Nguyen Duc Dung – Consolation prize.