They lived in a warm and comfortable atmosphere to shine for a stronger Southeast Asia.

Images of athletes and fans from other countries celebrating victories have highlighted a friendly Vietnam as well as spread the solidarity and promoted the sportsmanship spirit.

Philippine female football players run around the stadium to give thanks to Vietnamese fans who enthusiastically encouraged and cheered for them.

Foreign fans gathered at the games to create a colourful atmosphere in the stands.

The friendliness of Vietnamese fans toward foreign athletes

A united ASEAN is expressed through cheering style.

The exciting atmosphere at the competition venues.

Solidarity and noble sportsmanship are always present.

The fans are excited about the home team’s victory.

International friends are capturing memorable moments at Viet Tri stadium.

Representatives from the Indonesian sports delegation express their determination before the match.

Cambodian athletes at the closing ceremony of the SEA Games 31.

Athletes from Malaysia and Singapore congratulate Vietnamese swimmers on their gold medals and a new record in the men’s 4x200m category.

The solemn flag-raising ceremony for the sports delegations of the SEA Games 31.