The exhibition “Ego” by artist Ngo Xuan Binh has opened at the Hanoi Museum, as a part of 50 events of the Hanoi Creative Design Festival in 2022 with the theme “Creativity and technology.”

Representatives of the Hanoi Museum, the Hanoi government, and artist Ngo Xuan Binh open the exhibition. Photos: The Hanoi Times

It is the largest art exhibition in the artist’s career with more than 200 lacquer and oil paintings and more than 100 sculptures with different materials such as bronze, stone, and wood.

These works of art are designed for urban spaces, contributing to creating a colorful cultural life for citizens of modern times.

“Eventually, most of humanity will live in urban areas, which is the future of global existence. We will aim for a city of beauty,” the artist expressed.

Commenting on this exhibition, painter Le Van Thin said: “The statues of Ngo Xuan Binh reflect the movement of people. Powerful movements express liberation, freedom of body and mind.”

Looking at the works on display, painter Le Van Thin said that he felt the soul of the nation and traditional culture of Vietnam through the silhouettes of Dong Son motifs, the human figures on the bronze drums, and the carved pieces at pagodas and temples.

“With the concept of creating works for public space, Ngo Xuan Binh is a pioneer in opening the urban art trend in a new era. His art is both modern and traditional,” commented painter Le Van Thin.

Artist Ngo Xuan Binh (third from left) at the opening ceremony of the exhibition. 

Explaining his art, painter Ngo Xuan Binh said that it takes humanity thousands of years to form an ego or national identity, but it only takes a few decades, even just a few years, people can able to erase the chain of cultural ties typical of a region or a nation such as craft villages, customs, architecture, farming methods, and religion… Therefore, he always takes tradition as the source of his works.

“No matter how high the kite flies, it is still attached to the string. I can let my creativity and imagination go as far as I can, but I will never be separated from the soul of the nation,” said painter Ngo Xuan Binh.

Attending the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Tran Thi Van Anh, Deputy Director of the Hanoi Department of Culture and Sports, said: “Through the exhibition, the visitors will feel the value of each sculpture, fully conveying the message that Vietnam has a new city with the beauty that the community thrives on.”

“Hanoi Creative Design Festival 2022 is an impressive cultural installation space with diverse and creatively designed products and typical intangible cultural heritages. Not only honoring creativity on traditional materials, but a festival is also a place for artists, architects, and artisans to sublimate their emotions and ideas to be creatively expressed through their works,” Tran Thi Van Anh said.

Building the creative art space at the Hanoi Museum is one of the ways to receive the attention and influence of the community and creative workers. The people of the city are in line with the city’s policy, vision, and orientation.

The exhibition Ego helps diversify more types of creativity at Hanoi Museum, attracting a large number of visitors including foreigners.

Ego exhibition will run until the end of March 2023.

Visitors contemplate the artwork of Ego exhibition.