On weekends, on Phan Dinh Phung Street, quite a lot of people come to capture beautiful moments in the lily season. (Photo: THANH DAT)

Flower lovers favourably choose a white Ao Dai for themselves to save the capital’s poetic moments during the lily season. (Photo: THANH DAT)

In recent years, taking photos with lilies has gradually become a trend for women who want to save beautiful and meaningful moments. (Photo: THANH DAT)

The image of the Ao Dai (traditional Vietnamese long dress) with white lilies moving down the street is so beautiful. (Photo: THANH DAT)

The women have all manner of poses and expressions with the April flowers. (Photo: THANH DAT)

Men please their wives by taking pictures and posing with lilies. (Photo: THANH DAT)

Lilies are called “April flowers” because they bloom only in April every year. (Photo: THANH DAT)

On routes such as Thuy Khue, Phan Dinh Phung, Lang Ha, and Thanh Nien, it is difficult for anyone to resist the pure beauty and gentle scent of lilies. (Photo: THANH DAT)

Tay Tuu people busy harvesting lilies

Tay Tuu Flower Village (Hanoi) is famous as the capital of flowers, including lilies. Flower growers in Tay Tuu are currently busy harvesting.

In recent years, many people in Tay Tuu Flower Village have rented land and planted flowers in Ha Mo (Dan Phuong, Hanoi) because the soil there is good and suitable for the growth of lilies. (Photo: THANH DAT)

This year’s lilies are priced at 130,000-170,000 VND/bundle (100 flowers) in the field. (Photo: THANH DAT)

They are favoured by people because they are easy to care for, and bulbs are cheap and can be replanted. With good care, one stem can give up to 3 or 4 flowers. (Photo: THANH DAT)

Happy smiles of people growing lilies in Tay Tuu Village following the annual harvest. (Photo: THANH DAT).