The event is set to take place throughout the town’s main streets which will feature a variety of cultural activities, especially folk dances and art performances of six ethnic groups in Sa Pa, namely Mong, Dao, Tay, Giay, Kinh, and Xa Pho.

The Mau Thuong Temple festival includes a wide range of activities, notably a palanquin procession and ritual offerings.

Traditional delicious food and agricultural products of Sa Pa will also be introduced to visitors on the occasion.

Traditional dance of the Giay ethnic group.

Bell dance and bronze trumpets playing by the Red Dao ethnic group.

Funny Red Dao boys and girls on the street.

Dan Tinh (gourd lute) of the Tay ethnic group.

Xoe dance of the Thai ethnic minority people.

“Mua o” (dance with the umbrella) and khen (pan-pipe) dance of the H’Mong ethnic minority in Sa Pa.

The fun “Nhay sap” (dance with bamboo poles)