The shrine dedicated to King An Duong Vuong was built in 1687 under King Le Hy Tong’s reign and subsequently renovated in 1689, the site is often referred to as Thuong (Upper) Shrine.
Described as the largest ancient citadel nationwide, Co Loa historical relic covers a site of roughly 500 ha, built at the order of King An Duong Vuong in the third century BC as the capital Au Lac (now Vietnam), in Hanoi’s outlying district of Dong Anh.
President Thuong presents lucky money to students in Co Loa relic site.
The group come together to pose for a photo.
The State leader and the high-ranking delegation plant trees in the relic site as part of a new year tree planting festival.
Since 1960, the country has been holding the tree planting festival every spring in response to late President Ho Chi Minh’s appeal.
The high-ranking delegation visits Phuc Loc kindergarten in Dong Anh district.
The State leader offers candy to children at Phuc Loc kindergarten.
President Thuong sends messages of longevity celebrations to the elderly in Dong Anh district on the occasion of the new lunar year.
He also presents lucky money to elderly people.
Posing for a group photo
The State leader tours around Dong Anh district’s centre for culture, sports, and information.
He meets with hundreds of students from Nguyen Huy Tuong secondary school in Dong Anh district.
A martial arts performance put on by students from Nguyen Huy Tuong secondary school
The State leader explores the history of Co Loa ancient citadel.