The “Vietnam Ao Dai Week” in 2023, running from March 1 to 8, was launched by the Vietnam Women’s Union.

 A charming Hanoian in her Ao dai. Photo: Ao Dai Link An

For a long time, Ao dai or the Vietnamese long dress has been considered a great work of art, a national beauty, and also a symbol of the identity and spirit of Vietnamese women. For such great meaning, Vietnamese women usually wear Ao dai on important occasions.

In response to the program, Hanoi female officials, civil servants, and businesswomen from Women’s Unions at all levels are urged to dress in Ao dai at work throughout the week.

In addition, many side activities will also be organized nationwide, including photo contests of beautiful women in Ao dai, Ao dai donations, Ao dai fashion shows, among others.

The “Vietnam Ao Dai Week” aims to further promote Vietnamese traditional outfits among international friends and honor their value, while contributing to the compilation of a dossier for the recognition of the costume as national and international cultural heritage.  

The organizer of the event hopes that, with the response from women across the country, Ao dai will soon be recognized as a national cultural heritage.

Vietnamese Ao dai is a special dress with a long history that suits Vietnamese women of all ages. The hypnotic charm of the attire has also won the hearts of foreign friends through domestic and international fashion shows.

In response to the “Vietnam Ao Dai Week”, many members of the Hanoi Women’s Union who are female civil servants, public employees, and women in Hanoi wear Ao dai from now on until March 8.

 Female officers and employees of Thang Long Imperial Citadel respond to “Vietnam Ao dai Week”
Women from Phu Xuyen District, Hanoi wears Ao dai to the market in response to celebrations of International Women’s Day
Female civil servants from Ba Vi District in Hanoi wear Ao dai at work
 Women in Hanoi in Ao dai