The annual event has the aim of promoting the spirit of national solidarity, as well as honoring, preserving, and promoting the cultural heritage values of the 54 ethnic groups in the country. This event contributes to raising public awareness about the importance of conserving and practicing culture.

The event is a part of the activities to celebrate the 93rd anniversary of the establishment of the Vietnam Fatherland Front (November 18, 1930-2023) and Vietnam Cultural Heritage Day (November 23).

The highlights of the event will include the opening ceremony, as well as the 2nd culture, sports, and tourism exchange program of ethnic minorities to be held on November 23.  

Various activities will be organized during the event, such as art performance festivals, programs to enact festivals and cultural rituals, activities to introduce traditional foods and costumes, and a photo exhibition.

Additionally, there will be programs introducing festivals and customs of the Nung people in Bac Kan province and the Muong people in Thanh Hoa province. There will also be a culture exchange festival that brings together ethnic communities from the southwest, Central Highlands, and northwest regions. Lastly, there will be a photo exhibition showcasing the cultural identities of the 54 ethnic groups.