For the piracy of music works on the internet, digital rights management (DRM) is a suitable and effective technology solution. Accordingly, a musical work which is used in the digital environment must be "issued with a key", similar to a request for permission from the author.

MCM will provide 3 main services including the authorisation for protection and distribution to help musicians and copyright owners manage and ensure the transparency of commercial exploitation and business of music via the internet; the building of a copyright-protected music store for organisations and individuals; and providing free-of-charge bookmarking for all recordings, musical works, audiobooks, and podcasts to identify the work for each music distributor.

During the development roadmap, MCM aims to become the first internet music copyright protection ecosystem in Vietnam. In addition, MCM will accompany musicians and singers to organise music nights with the aim to honour authors and nurture new talents.

At the event, representatives of several musicians and singers signed the authorisation of musical works with MCM Online Company to protect their copyrights on the internet.