The province is among seven localities nationwide chosen to pilot reopening doors to foreign visitors in a bid to revive the tourism industry after a long hiatus caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tuan Chau Group was selected to welcome and serve international tourists to the province. The group has directed relevant units to make thorough preparations, ensure necessary facilities, sufficient medical equipment and supplies.

Travel agencies, businesses, hotels, accommodation establishments and restaurants have prepared the best and safest options for international tourists to feel secure when coming to Quang Ninh.

At present, Quang Ninh has 625 tourist businesses and establishments that meet safety criteria for pandemic prevention and control set by the province, of which there are 471 accommodation establishments, 79 shopping and dining establishments, 13 tourist sites, and 62 tour and transportation companies. With these destinations and service facilities, when visitors come to and use their services, safety can be ensured at the highest level.

In order to attract both domestic and foreign tourists to Quang Ninh, the provincial Department of Tourism has stepped up tourism promotion activities, created new tourism products and services and those with regional linkage, develop a safe tourism programme, and select typical and safe tourism products to introduce to travel and tourism businesses.

The department’s director Pham Ngoc Thuy said it is committed to accompanying businesses and tourists, issuing appropriate and humane solutions to handle situations arising in the process of welcoming tourists, and continue monitoring and making recommendations to authorities at all levels to make timely and appropriate adjustments to the new situation so as to ensure flexible and safe adaptation.