The festival will feature 12 German-produced movies in different kinds such as documentary, crime, drama, history, romance and comedy: “Fabian: Going to the dogs”, “Draw a Line”, “Dear Future Children”, “Bachmann and his class”, “Curveball”, “Freies Land”, “Enfant Terrible”, The Cleaners”, “Schachnovelle”, “Measuring the World”, “Whiskey with Vodka”, “Ökozid” and “Undine”.

All films are available online across the entire region and have subtitles available in four national languages, including Indonesian, Thai, Burmese, and Vietnamese, plus English.

The organisation of the film festival via virtual form aims to ensure the COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control while spreading the accessibility of films to audiences in rural areas.

Through the movies, audiences can learn more about the land and people of Germany as well as the development of the country’s cinema.