The VSSA also held a conference to deploy the work plan for 2022 and award theatrical works of 2021.

Reviewing the theatrical works of 2021, People’s Artist Giang Manh Ha, the Vice Chairman of Vietnam Stage Artists Association, said that all four fields of literary scripts, plays, actors, and critical theory have had respectable achievements.

In terms of literary scripts, there were 49 participating scripts with all kinds of plays, covering a diverse range of topics such as: history, modern times, war and post-war, corruption prevention and control, and everyday life.

The authors all show the exploration, creativity, and decoding of social and historical phenomena from a multi-dimensional perspective, expressing human values.

The VSAA has decided to award 31 prizes. The play award saw the presentation of three A prizes, belonging to "Lang Song Sinh" (Hanoi Drama Theatre), "Lam Vua" (Vietnam Tuong Theatre), and "Truan Chuyen Dai Yem Dao" (Hanoi Cai Luong Theatre), as well as five B prizes.

In 2021, there were two A prizes, seven B prizes, and seven consolation prizes for the outstanding authors of scripts and books on theoretical research and criticism.

The excellent actor award was given to seven individuals, including Ta Tuan Minh, Thuy Duong, Tran Hoang Khanh, Nguyen Minh Hai, Vu Manh Linh, The Quynh, and Nguyen Phuong Phu.

On the occasion, the Vietnam Association of Theatre Artists also honoured artists who are 70, 80 and 90 years old.